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Why Your Health Suffered During The Pandemic

We had a weight problem worldwide even before the virus hit the globe. But when it came around, things got way worse for the general population of the planet. Imagine the unhealthy dietary patterns of most people and the lack of exercise multiplied in a few dimensions. That’s exactly what Covid-19 has done to us, affecting millions of people who may have not even been sick with the virus, but because of its consequences. In this post, we are exploring how the lockdowns set us all back and how to get your health on the right track. 


The Exercise We All Need

All the major governmental and public health agencies in the world state the paramount importance of adhering to a bare minimum of activity of your health. The WHO, for example, is suggesting an absolute least norm of 150 minutes of exercise weekly, spread out at the very bottom around 3 days. Everyone should get this amount of activity on a non-negotiable basis because a deviation from this standard sets you up for very ill health in a relatively close time. 

With modern medicine advancing at an appraised rate, it covers up some effects modern lifestyle has on our bodies. But to no surprise, no amount of pills and doctors is going to replace your physical dosage of activity. Humans are meant to move, grow and challenge their bodies to experience good health. One of the major hurdles the elderly experience in the 2020s is lacking bone mass. Because of that, it is very easy to fracture a bone or tear a ligament, an event that usually leads to premature death for older people. 

We can prevent most of that with resistance training. Our ancestors were challenging their bones and muscles on an ongoing daily basis, and that way their bodies adapted and grew stronger through their lives. While it is true that in the 21st people are living longer than at any other point in history, this range, and especially the quality of life of the elderly, can be expanded greatly. Disability and being unable to move on their own are very hard on the human body. To prevent that, and secure the best chances of good “Golden Years”, one has to be in preparation, both financial and physical.

How The Governments Stripped Us Of Our Health

Locking down countries and states is one of the most controversial moves during the Corona period. There are many upsides and downsides to that, and this is not the time to argue on the subject. We must simply acknowledge that individuals had very limited ability to exercise due to the Pandemic, and that is against human essence.

If a person’s way of training and working with their body is in a public place such as a gym, imagine what would happen to him if he suddenly couldn’t go there. That’s exactly what happened with the emergency states. The mental and physical transition a person has to take to work out at home instead of their habitual place is paramount, and not everyone was capable of doing that. As a result, many trainees lost both fitness and a percentage of their wellness.

The situation got dire even in the thinnest nations we know of. The Japanese people, for example, are known to be the most resistant to the obesity crisis that’s on the rise in the West. That may be attributed to their health-conscious habits of eating plain food and staying active. However, as the local woman’s health website points out, even they succumbed to the dangers of the pandemic. The thinnest citizens all of a sudden had trouble managing their weight and appetites, perhaps because of the hardship of transitioning from an All-social world order to home staying regime. Read more about this at

You Are In Charge

Even in pandemic circumstances, you can make a positive impact on your health and fitness. If outside exercise is allowed, you should partake in it as much as you can. Getting sunlight and movement is now more important than ever. But even if your time outdoors is limited, you can still get a decent workout at home. You may not even need any equipment at all, working with your body weight will get you plenty of results. As a consequence of the pandemic, you will find an endless array of training plans for your home, and with whatever equipment you have at hand. The ways to challenge your body may surprise you. To learn more about training in the limits of your property, click here.