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Why You Should Know About Wound Care

A slow-healing wound causes pain and hinders your daily activities. If left untreated, chronic wounds may lead to severe complications like bone infection or lead to amputation. The team at wound evolution performs wound care in Fort Worth to accelerate wound healing. The team offers comprehensive care that encompasses nutrition, advanced dressing, specialized treatments such as hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

When do you know you are a candidate for wound care?

If you have a wound that has developed an infection, you should seek professional wound care. If your wound has not started healing in two weeks or fails to heal in six weeks, you have a chronic wound or non-healing wound and need professional care. However, ulcers on your leg or foot should not be given time to see if they will heal; this is because they do not heal independently and progressively get worse or cause severe complications.

What are some examples of wounds that need professional care?

Wounds that you should consider visiting a medical professional includes:

–       Diabetic wounds or foot ulcers

–       Venous leg ulcers

–       Arterial ulcers

–       Infected wounds

–       Pressure sores

–       Surgical wound complication

Chronic wounds may take months to heal. The longer the wound takes to heal, the more you are at risk of getting severe infections that can attack your skin or bones surrounding, leading to amputation.

What are the symptoms of a chronic wound?

The below symptoms indicate that you have a non-healing wound and you need wound care; they include:

–       Fever

–       Foul odor

–       Drainage from the wound

–       Thick, discolored discharge

–       Swelling and redness

–       Pain that does not improve or progressively gets worse

–       Red blotches or streaks spreading from the wound

–       Dark or blue color around the wound’s edges

The above symptoms indicate that your wound is getting severe and needs professional caregiver attention.

What are the treatment plans you might receive for wound care?

Professional wound care will always use advanced therapies to stabilize your wound and promote healing. Some of the specialized dressing and essential care therapies include:

–       Infection management

–       Wound debridement

–       Compression therapy

–       Pressure off-loading

–       Negative pressure wound therapies

–       Bioengineered skin grafts

–       Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

–       Periwound skin management

–       Dietary or lifestyle change

–       Nutritional counseling

After the above treatment, the team at the clinic will teach you how to change your dressing and care for your wound at home so you can continue to maintain an optimal healing environment.

In conclusion, if you or your loved ones have developed a wound showing the above symptoms and have derailed healing, you should not hesitate to call Wound Evolution. The clinic team will offer professional help on how you will accelerate the healing of the chronic wound and prevent the wound from getting an infection that can cause severe health problems or amputation. Call or schedule an appointment online, and you are assured of your wound safety.