When’s a Good Time to Pursue Assisted Living?

Assisted living Your Home Care is a major step for seniors and families who are pursuing outside aid for their loved ones. If you have been thinking it over, here are some basic points of criteria to consider before moving forward with any decision.

What qualifies someone for assisted living?

There is no threshold they must pass in order to “qualify” for assisted living. To consider yourself, here are a few needs that may be necessary to adjust to.

Daily self-care – Whenever daily self-care tasks require aid, assisted living is highly recommended. Dedicated caregivers supplement those daily tasks and ensure they are completed with consistency, which gives an overall improvement to their quality of life. This can be anything from bathing, preparing food for themselves, getting dressed, etc. Any part of the daily routine that is infringed on by lack of ability is a huge contributor to seeking out assisted living.

Motor functions on their own- How often do you need to assist them with motor functions? Are they able to walk on their own? Drive themselves if need be? Consider these all as factors, as well as what may keep someone from being able to receive assisted living care.

What sort of issues can push someone away from assisted living?

These are few and far between in terms of cases, but considering the layout of assisted living facilities, you’ll see this happen on occasion. Severe memory impairment is the leading cause of denial of assisted living, as well as medical needs that exceed the expectations of what a caregiver can provide on a daily basis.

Again, though, these are usually rare for most facilities.