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What You Should Know When Guardian Life Insurance Has Denied your Disability Claim

Guardian Life Insurance Company writes individual disability income policies and group policies the federal law ERISA governs. It offers expensive insurance products to doctors, salaried executives, lawyers, and other high-income professionals. This disability insurer provides a variety of policy features. However, even the most feature-rich and expensive policies may not meet the expectations of consumers. 

A reliable Guardian Life disability claim attorney understands the importance of disability benefits for victims and their families. They will fight to help make sure Guardian will make god on their promise to pay out when the time comes. You must contact an attorney if the insurance company denied your disability claim. 

Understanding the Long-Term Disability Policies of Guardian

The insurance provider makes money based on its underwriting guidelines. Thus, it calculates risk based on a client’s job, lifestyle, and health and determines whether or not to write a policy for that person and on what terms. The company, along with its subsidiary Berkshire Life Insurance Company of America, provides different types of long-term disability policies. Such policies are meant to pay out when a policy owner is sick or injured and cannot perform the functions of their occupation anymore. They serve as a type of income insurance if the policyholder is no longer able to meet the demands of their work.

Frequency of Claims Denial

The reputation of Guardian has historically been great, but there is an increasing number of legitimate, new disability insurance claims filed every year that the company wrongfully denied. But, these denials can be appealed and overturned with the help of a reputable long-term disability insurance lawyer. 

How to Deal with the Denial

When Guardian denied your disability claim, they must provide a reason for the denial in a notice. Ensure you review the notice carefully. It will let you know about your right to appeal, the process to do so, and the deadline for filing an appeal. Should you miss the deadline, it won’t be possible to collect on your policy. 

You must speak to an experienced disability attorney who has knowledge of how insurance companies work. They should know to level the playing field. The right attorney will fight to protect your rights.