Pakar Kista

What PromoPharma Can Teach You About Natural Remedies

In an era in which the media bombard us with messages solely geared towards maximizing the profits of sponsored companies, it is natural to have an automatic distrust of a company that too strongly presents itself as interested in contributing to collective well-being.

Yet one should not surrender to passively undergo any type of sterile communication, let alone lose faith in the effective interest of some virtuous companies in improving our lives.

The relationship between the company and its target audience has in fact evolved into an exchange and mutual influence on values and knowledge. However paradoxical it may seem, it has made also possible to learn something from the interaction with a company.

Promo Pharma’s dream is exactly this: to create relationship based on the exchange of knowledge with people who use natural products. All this is done with the aim of improving their well-being and their health, while sharing the scientific experience underlying the research and development of all those natural remedies.

It is, in fact, essential, now more than ever, to rediscover the connection between science and nature that had characterized human life for millennia (and the relationship with their body and their health), and then lost for centuries.

The conscious choice of the consumer obviously plays a fundamental role in all this. It is necessary to be able to develop a specific awareness to unravel the best remedies, in the maze of products sold for the sole purpose of making profit and without a real concern for those who use them. The core value of all this is to never forget the most crucial purpose of a good company: namely the well-being of people, the defence of the essential balances of the human body.

But a consumer cannot reach this awareness all alone. On the contrary: it is fundamental that businesses have the clear mission of transmitting, along with their values, also their knowledge and their know-how. In short: that they teach something.

These don’t necessarily have to be big truths – as often small things are what’s we remember the most- yet they have to be truths that improve someone’s life.

For example, in these times of hypochondria, at every sneeze we understand how much annoying having an allergy is, to the point that it sometimes make some people’s life impossible. It seems impossible to imagine that there are natural remedies for this problem. Well, the Blackcurrant and the Rosehip are precisely known for their marked utility also in this thorny field!

Or, again: did you know that Propolis – a resinous mixture produced by honeybees – is extremely suitable for sore throats and for the well-being of the oral cavity? These are extremely simple, but greatly effective measures.

But how does this knowledge come about? Or rather, how is it re-discovered? After defining the product, a company moves on to the study of the pilot project during which (I) the raw materials control methods (II) the production methodology and (III) the chemical-physical and microbiological parameters are codified. Only afterwards it can move on to production, with constant control starting from the raw materials.

It is this procedure, which follows that through which for thousands of years mankind has learned the secrets for its health from nature, that ensures such knowledge today is not lost but, rather, widespread and made available to everyone.

The market has changed, and simply being the bearer of a new product is no longer enough. Businesses are evolving in the direction of an increasingly important social role. Their contribution to society is now to spread awareness, just as well as quality goods. Spreading that teaching is what PromoPharma aims for. And it will always be.