Pakar Kista


Train Wreck is a sativa-dominant hybrid that’s widely known for its fast-speed and euphoric roller-coaster ride effects. It’s a bred of Mexican and Thai sativas with Afghani indicas, passing on a taste and smell that’s difficult to beat – sweet lemon, pepper, and citrus aroma are grooving their way inside nostrils and onto users taste buds.

This potent sativa, cannabis strain that’s been around for decades has its 25 percent high THC content (which results to highly energized and stimulating aftereffect) and can thrive to grow both indoors or outdoors. It can grow up to 210 tall and produce up to 700 grams per square meter indoors, and up to 800 grams per plant outdoors. 


While it can relatively grow tall around 180-220cm (thanks to its sativa genetics) and has its  relatively short flowering time around 8-10 weeks (thanks to its indica genetics), it tend to finish early when growing outdoors, while indoor gardens are ready for harvest after 8 weeks – which makes it perfect for anyone who wants to add some seriously potent plants to their garden.

This is great for outdoor growers who want huge plants in a short period of time, but also for indoor growers who want to take advantage of their growing space with plant training techniques and don’t want to wait the usual 10-14 weeks other sativa strains take to flower. It prospers well in warm settings. The temperature should be within the range of 18-26 degrees Celsius. Other than providing it enough nutrients, pruning and trimming must be done regularly.


Trainwreck begins its speedy hurtle through the mind with a surge of euphoria, awakening creativity and happiness. It’s sativa strength is perfect for relieving stress and depression. Migraines, pain, and arthritis are mowed down by Trainwreck’s high-THC content too, and many patients also use it for relief of anxiety, ADD/ADHD, and PTSD. The genetics of Afghani that is present in this plant showed to be satisfying as it is a solid and durable plant.

When it comes to growing, Trainwreck seeds aren’t too difficult and it’s relatively easy to grow. Even complete beginners have found success without losing patience throughout the process. Trainwreck allow more environmental flexibility than a lot of sativa dominant hybrids which makes it more saleable and chosen than others.


Although trainwreck  plants can grow quite tall and need ample space to reach their full potential, it is still favored by many cultivators, because of its ability to grow easily, – neophytes in particular – and should be no issues encounter in nourishing it to maturity.

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