What is the difference between a Nutritionist and a Dietician?


You might be wondering that nutritionist and dietician are the same people. While both the professions have been linked to dealing with the health of the clients, there are several difference between them. The main reason why people tend to mess them up is because people use either words for the same purpose. Both the nutritionist and the dietician are experts in suggesting their patients with the ideal diet plan that will help them overcome their health issues. Their roles are pretty similar, but not exactly the same. Let’s first understand what each profession is;










What is a Dietician?
A dietician is a person who is responsible for organizing the diet plan for their patients in order to prevent their illness and help them stay healthy. Unlike a nutritionist, a dietician has to follow much more strict regulations in order to get in to their job. After completing their education, they get assigned to several institutions that offer internships and practice programs in order brush up their skills. You can also find several dieticians in hospitals assisting their senior doctors with the ideal diet plan. Other dieticians prefer to open their private centers after gaining knowledge early on.

What is a Nutrition?


Nutritionist can be defined as a person who has had no professional training in the required field. As mentioned above, nutritionists are not required to have any proof of qualifications that assure their experience in the field. This is one of the reasons why people don’t genuinely trust the nutritionist for any kind of treatment or diagnosis. Having said that there are several nutritionist certification boards that provide certificates to the nutritionist after they complete their examinations.

The main difference b/w a Nutritionist and a Dietician
One of the primary difference between the two professions is that the nutritionist have been trained to inform their patients regarding food. They excel in informing their clients about the general properties in most of the food intake and offer their insights as a nutritionist supervisor. A dietician, in contrast, twill be able to diagnose the possible eating maladies in a patient’s diet. One of the main reason why people fall sick regularly or have grown fat, is due to their unaligned diet plan. A dietician will make sure to plan the perfect diet plan for the client so that they can stay up to date and clear of all problems.

Why is it necessary that people refer to a dietician?


People who have been regularly fit throughout their lives find no need to go to a dietician. They feel like their body is functioning in the right manner and that it is a waste of time to refer to an expert. However, it is advisable to refer to a dietician on regular basis irrespective of your good health. Since they are experts in their respective fields, they have a good idea of where you might be going wrong. They will make sure you make corrections in your diet plan in order to stay healthier and fitter than before. In order to have the best advice regarding diet plan, make sure to contact a registered dietician at Mind Body Well.