Weed Vape Pen for THC OIL.

Thanks to the relaxation of marijuana laws across the world, weed concentrates such as shatter, wax, crumble, and rosin have taken on the whole new sector of the marijuana industry. Weed oil is rich in ingredients such as THC, terpenes, and some flavor. When heat, it vaporizes into the raw ingredients which can be toked.

A weed vaporizer pen is a device used to toke on flavor-filled weed vapor. It’s a simple battery powered electronic device with an atomized cartridge, a firing mechanism, and a mouthpiece. The weed concentrate is placed in the cartridge then the pen is fired up to heat the marijuana concentrate to THC-rich vapor.

Based on the weed concentrate of your choice, there’re several types of weed vape pens: Dry Herb Vape Pen, Wax Pen, and the Oil Vape Pen. For getting high on THC from weed oil, the Vape Oil Pen is the device of choice.

The Vape Oil Pen

It’s used to vaporize juices extracted from marijuana or hemp plant. The liquid gets filled into the atomized cartridge which has a heating coil and polyfill material. The weed juice soaks into the polyfill material, and the suction force created when puffing pulls it towards the hot coil; once the weed juice makes contact with the hot coil, it vaporizes because there is a specific temperature range which when reached the terpenes and cannabinoids boil off into a gas.

Weed oil contains medley cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavors which are used to get the “cloud 9 “experiences. E-liquid vape pens categories include:

• Regulated vape pens that have power control features allowing users to customize their vaping experience. Examples include the Kandy Pen Rubi THC Oil Vape Pen, Dr. Dabber Ghost Weed Vaporizer Pen, and Mig Vapor Ziggi.

• Direct Output Vape pens that feed raw wattage directly to the atomizer for high-wattage hits. The vapor taste and flavor, however, decreases as battery capacity gets low. Can be used with self-assembled coils. Examples include the GeekVape MECH Pro, Vaperz Cloud VCP, and the Suicide Mods Suicide X.

Regulated vape oil pens are suitable for novice stoners as they have simple control mechanisms that do not require in-depth electrical knowledge to operate. For those wishing to get big clouds, the unregulated mods are the devices to use for sub-ohm vaping experiences. Here’s how to put your vape oil pen into use.

How to Use Your Vape oil pen

The vape pen is a pen-shaped device with threading where you screw it to the atomized cartridge. Most mainstream vape pens now boast of 510 universal threading so you can screw them onto the cartridge of your choice.

The cartridge can be pre-filled – you buy it with the weed oil already in it or possess some filling mechanism for you to get your oil in it. For the best vaping experience, you’ve to understand the following about your vape oil pen:

• Filling Mechanism

If your cartridge is already pre-filled, simply screw it onto your pen device. However, if your vaping kit got an empty cartridge, check out its filling mechanism by going through the user manual. Generally, there’re two types: Top-filling and Bottom-filling. 

Top-filling is the easiest, unscrew the cap, pouring in the liquid while carefully observing not to surpass the marked levels lest flooding occurs, leading to accidents. After filling, screw the cap back on.

Bottom-filling is the hardest as it involves dislodging the battery from the tank first, unscrew the base of the vape device off before getting the liquid in.

• Firing Mechanism

Most vape oil pens are button operated; you have to click a button several times to fire the device on or off. However, you can also get the automatic vape oil pens that simply activate when you puff via the mouthpiece.

• Temperature Regulation

Temperature regulation is essential in vaping. Usually, the temperature calibration is 380F-490F with 420F being the sweet spot – very tasty vapor with excellent hits. Temperatures above 420F result in very hot vapor but with some good flavor so feel free to try if you don’t mind the heat.

Once you’ve filled then mounted your cartridge to the vape pen, fire up the vaping device and get high on the flavored weed vapor. Temperature regulation and experience customization will follow as your taste buds direct you. Here are, however, some pro-tips for amazing vaping experiences.

Vaping Tips

Taste is always subjective, so you should trust your taste buds, but how you use your device too determines the experience you get. Pro vapers swear by the following simple tricks:

• Fully charge your vape pen before vaping to minimize power off in-between vaping.

• Know your oil – how viscous it is. Less viscous oil needs the use of better wicking material and powerful heating coils.

• Allow soaking time after filling – usually 20-30 minutes – for the oil to sip into the wicking material and onto the coil. It helps eliminate dry hits.

• Always start at low voltage before turning it up as you go.

• When flavor wanes off, it’s better to get another cartridge. 

Choosing Your Vape Pen

The thing you should know is that vape pens varieties are not equal. Some have powerful mods that give unique tastes and flavors while some are just standard. While the pro-vaping tips above can help you get nice experiences, none of it beats using the right tank. According to Jahan Marcu of the Safe Access, here’re how to get one:

• User-friendliness: Get yourself a vape oil pen that is comfortable for you, can be filled quickly and mounted smoothly. Consider how discreet and portable it is to. If you want vaping on-the-fly anywhere, get yourself a sleek vape oil pen with incognito mechanisms.

• Go for the ones with a less electric punch but with some temperature adjusting features. Vaping at high wattage is likely to result in the inhalation of carcinogens and harmful metallic compounds. Calm your Icarus nerves buddy; there’s no need to get high to your death, low voltage can vaporize your oil just as well as the high voltage.

• Follow what your taste buds lead you to get the experience you desire.

• Does the wicking material preserve flavor? Wood pulp or cotton material are the best.
But just getting the right vape oil pen is not enough, you’ve to care of it even if disposable cartridges eliminate the need for rigorous cleaning. 

Cleaning your Vape Oil Pen

Cleaning is easy once you disassemble the cartridge from the pen. Always focus more on the threading and where the oil has spilled or condensed. Keep the threading used to mount the pen onto the cartridge clean so that airflow remains smooth. Make use of isopropyl and Q-tip to get rid of stubborn oil residues.

Finally, keep in mind that vaping is still a new concept and the world is still trying to understand it. Everything is currently an educated guess: from statistics claiming vaping is safe to flavors concocted by vape shops. Lack of regulation too adds to the uncertainty. Keep researching and vape responsibly then, shall you?