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Ways to Avoid Legal Liabilities When using Medical Marijuana

Cannabis laws are changing rapidly, and it’s not easy to stay updated. Most people are now struggling to keep up with any new developments. What’s more? The regulations vary from one state to another, which can be confusing. Nevertheless, there are various regulations regarding the sale and use of cannabis, and you don’t want to find yourself on the wrong side of the law.

Here’s how to avoid legal liabilities with medical cannabis:

 1. Get a medical marijuana card.

A cannabis card is mandatory if you have to buy medical cannabis from medical cannabis dispensaries in your state. Having medical cannabis without it can land you in trouble. However, not everyone qualifies for the card. Only a licensed specialist can recommend you to get a marijuana card. To get this document, you must;

Qualify by having a qualifying condition- The doctor will examine whether you have conditions like; cancer, insomnia, chronic pain, diabetes, and more. The doctor will then give you the recommendation to apply for the document at the Medical Marijuana Program. Medical marijuana attracts so much attention from federal authorities, don’t use the recommendation letter to buy cannabis. Instead, apply for the marijuana registry card before making purchases.

 2. Buy from legal stores.

Not all Cannabis Dispensaries Near Me are accredited; some scams sell low quality or counterfeit products. Police officers are always on the lookout for unlicensed dispensaries, and you don’t want to fall victim. Such stores can be bombed and closed anytime.

If found buying cannabis during the invasion, you also risk arrest and questioning by the police. To stay safe, determine whether the weed store is licensed to supply marijuana in your state. Moreover, research thoroughly about the dispensary, the history, and the quality of products.

3. Get the right quantities.

There are legal provisions as to how much medical cannabis you can purchase. The cannabis store staff will educate you on this and only dispense products as per the limits. Besides, having more can lead to an arrest. 

As a patient or a chosen caregiver, you can’t possess more than eight ounces of the drug, six mature plants, or 12 immature cannabis plants. But, there are some exceptions for anyone specified in their recommendation that they can buy more. And this is if the dosage will be beneficial to the treatment of a particular health condition.

4. Public consumption

There are rules regarding the smoking of marijuana in public spaces. These vary from one state to another, but it’s illegal to smoke marijuana in public in most places. For instance, In the US, it’s illegal to smoke cannabis in public. Canada has less stringent rules; you can smoke anywhere but not in places that prohibit public smoking, like bars. 

You should also be above 18 years to buy cannabis from the stores in your state. Under the new marijuana laws, some states allow children with terminal illnesses to smoke cannabis. But with a recommendation letter from a doctor, of course.


Medical marijuana benefits people with chronic infections in myriad ways. It may be useful for pain-alleviation, improving sleep, nausea, and vomiting in cancer patients. There are various laws regarding the use of medical weed, and it’s advisable to know all the legal provisions in your state.