Watch Out! These 5 Skincare Ingredients That Are Not Good for Sensitive Skin

Care for your sensitive skin does need a special strategy in keeping it healthy and beautiful. Using facial care products from Acseine is one solution. Acseine offers Nourishing Gel AD which is perfect for those of you who have sensitive skin. Nourishing Gel AD is a ครีมสำหรับผิวแพ้ง่าย (cream for sensitive skin), Nourishing Gel AD Contains sodium hyaluronate (moisture-retaining ingredients), Hypoallergenic, perfume-free, no artificial colors, no surfactants, parabens (preservatives)

But sometimes, choosing skincare that suits you with sensitive skin can be difficult.

You should be able to pay attention to certain ingredients in order not to damage your sensitive skin.

“Those with oily and prone skin are worried that moisturizers will make their condition worse. They will usually use hard products, even though they make their faces very dry”.

However, you must be smart in choosing cleansing products for sensitive skin care, because there are special formulas that must be considered and should not be carelessly cared for.

Then, what skin care ingredients are not good for sensitive skin? Check it out!

1. Alcohol

Alcohol is the most skincare ingredient to be avoided for you with sensitive skin.

Usually, toner and face cream that contains the most alcohol, because it can make the skin look darker.

However, the effect of your sensitive skin is that it can make facial skin dry, itchy, and even irritated.

2. Lanolin

As one of the skincare substances that is quite effective to make facial skin more moist and soft. Lanolin is very good for owners of dry skin, but not for you with sensitive skin. Just want to get beautiful skin, lanolin will trigger acne and blackheads.

3. Exfoliant

Skincare ingredients that are not good for sensitive skin this one is usually found in facial cleaning products such as moisturizers and toner.

It is highly recommended for those of you who have sensitive skin to avoid skincare with exfoliating substances.

This is because it can make sensitive skin irritated and reddish. Use skincare with natural ingredients such as aloe vera.

4. Fragrance

Using skincare with a pleasant fragrance. But it’s better if you have sensitive skin. The fragrance content in skincare can instantly give skin reactions that cause inflammation and can even weaken the deepest layers of our skin.

5. Isopropyl Myristate

Some skin care is known to slip the isopropyl myristate content in its products.

Usually, there is in the face moisturizer, because the content of this substance can reduce excess oil on the skin. But keep in mind, if your sensitive skin is always exposed to this substance every day, then the effect can be a blockage in the pores and trigger irritation.

Well, you already know you five skincare ingredients that are not good for sensitive skin. Now, be more careful and thorough when buying face care products, you!