Pakar Kista

Watch Fanta Sea, a Spectacular Thai Traditional Show in Phuket

Traveling to Thailand is indeed much cheaper than going to other Southeast Asian countries. The flight and hotels option even more with a lot of variant prices. Also, Thailand is be regarded as a complete tourist attraction ranging from historical destinations, shopping places, or nature can be found here. One of them is Phuket Fantasea. For you who are planning to visit Phuket Fantasea, you can look for 4-star hotel accommodations at affordable prices like Novotel Phuket Vintage Park which has family hotel phuket facilities.

Phuket Fantasea presents a dance performance, magic, acrobats, circus and other performances wrapped in beautiful traditional Thai clothes. The show is held in a place called the Elephant Kingdom Theater which can load the viewers in each show. Inside the Elephant Kingdom Theater, visitors will be entertained for about 1 hour with a variety of interesting performances. The various performances are traditional dances, acrobatics, magic, circus, and other interesting performances.

In addition to watching Fantasea in the Elephant Kingdom Theater building, visitors can also see and enjoy the various attractions and interesting objects found in this Fantasea. The objects are Golden Kinaree which is a buffet restaurant with a capacity of 4,000 people, the interior is also neatly packaged and attractive as well as the menu is available with various kinds salads, noodles, assorted meats, cakes, tea and coffee and another various of tasty food.

Its capacity makes Golden Kinaree be a buffet restaurant with the widest and has the most varied menu in Asia. Then choose souvenir shops, another Fantasea Show places, if we want to take a picture with traditional Thai clothing we can also rent them around it. The price for rent and taking photos wearing traditional Thai clothes is 1000/baht.

Because it has various choices to enjoy the Fantasea Show, we can choose three types of tickets that have different performances. The first ticket is just for watching Fantasea Show, the second ticket is plus shuttle service to the location, and the third ticket is both facilities above plus dine in at Golden Kinaree buffet all can you eat.

The ticket price to watch the Fantasea Show is 1500 bath and if it is added the shuttle service -and dinner, the prices ranging from 1800 to 2000 bath. Another option to go to the location besides using a pickup service you can use songtaew, taxi, and tuk-tuk which is traditional Thai transportation.

A lot of people have visited the Fantasea Show, but not everyone has the same rating of this place, so review it properly and deeply if you want to watch the show given the high prices.