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Top 5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Get Tested for STDs

When it comes to sexually transmitted diseases, no one is exceptional. Both men and women can be affected and often leads to more serious health complications to women such as infertility. Therefore, everyone should be tested for STDs to ensure safety and that you stay on top of your health. The experienced team at Contemporary Women’s Care offers confidential and nonjudgmental STD testing in Winter Park and encourages everyone to be tested due to the following reasons.

You Can Have STDs Even if You are a Virgin

Yes, even virgins can have STDs. This is no mystery; some sexually transmitted diseases can be contracted without sexual intercourse. Some can be transmitted through other skin-to-skin contacts or even by casual affections. For example, you can contract cold sores during childhood from a relative with the condition through casual affection. However, it can be further spread through intercourse. Another example is oral herpes, which doesn’t require sexual intercourse to be transmitted.

You Don’t Want to Think Your Spouse is Cheating

If you are married or in a committed relationship, you might think it is unnecessary to have STD testing because you see one person. However, you can only be certain if you had a test before engaging in the relationship. Otherwise, one of you may have had an STD before the relationship, and if found later, it can cause problems. Therefore, ensure you take an STD testing with your partner to safeguard your marriage or the relationship you have invested.

It is Never Late to Play Safe

You will hear people who didn’t go for an STD testing and have had unprotected sex say that they already have it if they were to have an STD. It can be true, but not the reason to prevent you from getting a test. Please, it’s never too late to get testing and to start having safe sex; furthermore, STDs are not transmitted every time you have sex.

Knowing is Better Than Worrying

If you haven’t been tested for STDs, all you can do is worry and get anxious about it. It’s scarier being afraid that you might have an STD than knowing you have it. Some STDs such as HIV are better detected early as they can be easily treated when caught early. It’s better to get relief by knowing what is going on with your health because you don’t have to be found with an STD, but it is also beneficial to diagnose an STD as early as possible.

It is a Way to Show Respect to Yourself and Your Partner

This is one of the best reasons you should have STD testing as it helps you have an honest and open conversation with your partner about safe sex and STD risks. This helps you and your partner make informed choices about your sex health. It also sets you free as you become honest with yourself to know if you have an STD or don’t have, unlike being suspicious.

Everybody needs to get tested for STDs because no one is safe, but by knowing your status, you can make informed decisions about safe sex, making you safer. No one should avoid STD testing. It can only do more good for you as an individual, but if all you needed was some confidentiality and nonjudgmental testing, you can get that at Contemporary Women’s Care.