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Tips for Solar Panel Installation

Solar power has become more popular as the discussion on climate change has expanded and the cost of solar panels has reduced. Have you decided to invest in solar panels? If you are ready to install your solar system, here are a few tips on solar panel installation New Jersey that may help.


Before you install your system, you should have a general knowledge of solar energy and electricity. You should also learn about any maintenance that is necessary to keep your system in good working order.

Your installation may require heavy equipment, so make sure you have the space available. But that is not a big obstacle for you. You can find a lot of this information on the internet which of course almost everyone can access it easily.


The more north your home is, the less sun you will get in the winter. Your total investment may depend on your geographical location and available daylight. Therefore, a house in south Texas will require a lower investment and will reap greater rewards than a house in northern Maine.

Not only is your latitude going to affect the length of your solar day, but so is the direction your solar panels face. Your panels should face south to south-west to get the most sunlight and produce the greatest amount of solar energy. Buildings, hills and even vegetation may also block sun from your panels. Place your panels in a location that receives the least amount of solar interference.

Also, if you are going to place the panels on your roof, you may need to have your roof inspected by an engineer to ensure it can hold the weight of the panels.


You should contact your local and state authorities to determine your limits and the placement of your panels. For example, if you own a historic home, you may be required to place any solar panels on the ground in areas that face away from the street.

You may also be required to get permits and approval to connect to the grid.

If you do a little research and work with a reputable company, you will enjoy a smooth installation and electricity savings for years to come.