The Most Popular Male Sex Toys That Can Give Maximum Satisfaction

Sex toys can be an alternative for anyone tired of having sex. Also for those of you who might be in a situation away from your partner, it might be very helpful to have these desire-satisfying Toys. Sex aids themselves are divided into two, namely female sex toys and male sex aids. That’s why acmejoy sells this toy.

If all this time you have only tried female sex aids, maybe now is the time for you to ask your partner to use male sex aids to get a different sensation when having sex. If used correctly, the right male sex aids can help build intimacy between you and your partner. What are the options? Check it out below!

Mouth Shaped Sex Toys – acmejoy

Mouth-Shaped Sex Toys Are Sex Toys That Will Make Men Feel the sensation of Blowjob. The term of this toy can also be called a blowjob masturbator. This toy is very popular among male sex toy users, because of the sensation of the blowjob itself.

Such Sex Toys Not only have a pair of pink lips, but These Sex Toys Also Have solid teeth, a cute nose, a flexible tongue, and a deep throat like a beautiful woman. With it, you will enjoy a realistic blowjob feeling.

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Pleasure ring – acmejoy

This male sex aid is also often called a cock ring which comes in various shapes and options. Generally shaped like a ring that is attached to the base of the penis. Its function is to keep the penis hard and more durable during sex. Some of them are even equipped with vibration settings that can provide extra stimulation during sex with a partner. This toy is also available on acmejoy.

Masturbation sheaths – acmejoy

Masturbation sheaths are male sex aids in the form of a condom-like sheath with an open end. These Toys are designed to increase the satisfaction of men manually. The open end allows men to still be able to feel oral sex from their partner to create a sensual orgasmic sensation, but still fun. This toy is available on acmejoy in a more sophisticated form.

Closure: Some people consider sex aids as personal items that provide benefits, for example for couples who still want to ‘have sex’ remotely or for wives who find it difficult to achieve regular orgasms from their husbands.