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The Main Types of Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is a disorder that affects most adults in the world. This disorder prevents people from attending their job, and it may cause other disabilities. There are many causes that result in lower back pain that include dislocation of spinal discs, nerve compression, and damaged tissues or ligaments. There are ways you can manage back pain at home, but if it persists, it is vital to seek medical treatments. If you feel conditions like pain, itching sensation, and tingling around your back, they indicate the presence of chronic back pain. Lower back pain in Livingston performs treatment and management of severe and non-severe lower back pain. Below are the major types of lower back pain.

Common types of lower back pain

There are three common types of lower back pain that are treatable and manageable. These types are:

·       Radical pain. Radical pain is caused by degeneration of spinal discs and pinching of the root nerve. If you experience radical pain, you will feel a shock-like pain that starts from the backbone to your legs.

·       Muscle pain, which is not specific. This condition occurs when spinal muscles are compressed or strained. There are factors that promote the occurrence of lower back pain, like lifting weighty matters and twisting of spinal bones.

·       Sciatica. Sciatica is a condition that affects nerves that move from your back to your legs. This nerve is called the sciatic nerve. Sciatica causes pain when the sciatic nerve and the surrounding tissues are compressed or damaged.

·       Herniated spinal discs. When spinal discs tend to shift their position, the condition is called herniated discs. Herniated discs cause stress to the nerves and soft tissues present in the spinal bone.

Below are the causes of lower back pain.

The main causes of lower back pain

There are many causes of lower back pain, which a doctor checks and diagnoses using an x-ray scan, a CT scan, and an ultrasound. The causes include muscles and nerve strain, which is caused by the dislocation of spinal discs. Lifting heavy materials and injuries are what causes lower back pain. Diseases like arthritis and spinal related disorders also cause damage to tissues and nerves. Due to severe injuries, your spine can incur small or large fractures. These fractures cause inflammation of tissues and nerves. Symptoms of back pain include a shooting pain that drops to your legs, burning sensation, difficulty in walking, and stabbing sensation. The following paragraph shows:

Treatment of lower back pain

There are many ways doctors can use to treat your lower back pain. Treatment includes:

·       Bone scan. Your doctor scans your spinal bone to check for fractures and tumors.

·       Medication. Medication may be prescribed to relieve pain and reduce inflammation in tissues and nerves.

·       CT scans and X-rays. X-rays can be done to check the arrangements of your spinal bones. CT scan gives a clear picture of herniated discs, which are corrected using minimally invasive spinal surgery.

Lower back pain occurs due to effects on your backbone. Prolonged and severe back pains may cause paralysis or other spinal-related complications. Symptoms like pain and burning sensation in your back may be an indication of back pain. It is essential to seek treatment before back pain persists. For more information about back pain, consult Samwell Institute for Pain Management clinic.