Pakar Kista

The Leading Integrative and Regenerative Medicine Practice in Florida

Not all medical treatments are effective and ideal for the proper functioning of the body. Some medicines have side effects, and others involve complex procedures. Due to these factors, medical practitioners have to research other alternative therapies that are less complex with fast healing and short recovery time. Hence, the use of traditional medicine practices and other natural procedures to enable natural body healing has increased. More individuals are also embracing the change and opting for these treatment options. They are safe, effective, do not use medications, and deliver more efficient, long-lasting results, and quick recovery. LifeWell M.D. specializes in using integrative and regenerative medicine to provide comprehensive medical care including sexual medicine in Palm Beach, Florida.

LifeWell M.D. offers compassionate and convenient medical care with two locations in Port Saint Lucie and Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. The premium health practice provides excellent care to their patients’ health concerns through regenerative and integrative medicine and acupuncture. It is committed to helping patients find alternative care for their health conditions through drug-free treatments to restore their body’s natural balance. They understand that every patient is different and unique, hence, they provide customized treatment options to cater to every individual need. They combine traditional, holistic, and alternative therapies to provide effective treatments while ensuring medical acupuncture is a vital part of most treatment options.

LifeWell M.D. also offers various aesthetic procedures, including CoolSculpting, facial tightening, and sexual wellness care. The medical practitioners provide adequate time for consultation to understand and achieve their patient’s goals. Pain relief is among their main focus, where they strive to provide effective treatments to people living with chronic pain conditions. They offer advanced treatments for chronic pain such as platelet-rich plasma injections to help faster healing and produce the best results. They also use medical marijuana to treat chronic pain, among other conditions.

They offer services such as:

Men’s Sexual Health

Many factors affect men’s sexual health, including the low level of testosterone, causing sexual dysfunction, which can be distressing and embarrassing. Dr. Kumar, MD, at LifeWell M.D. offers comprehensive treatments to help improve and treat various men’s sexual health problems. Visit them today to learn more about their services.

Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana is an excellent solution for chronic pain. At LifeWell M.D., Dr. Kumar, MD, an expert in medical marijuana, provides effective treatment options to relieve your pain with long-term results. Call or book an appointment online today to explore your options.

LifeWell M.D. is committed to providing compassionate and comprehensive medical services through effective treatment options. They help their patients find alternative medicine options without using drugs. Led by Dr. Kumar, they are caring and compassionate in treating their patients as part of their families. They look forward to creating long-lasting relationships with their patients by providing excellent care. They offer regenerative and integrative medicine, using medical acupuncture in every treatment. They also offer aesthetic treatments, sexual health medicine, and general wellness care. They are welcoming and friendly to their patients, providing them with a comfortable environment. Visit them today in either of your preferred locations in Florida for healthcare with a difference.