The complete guide to physiotherapy



Physiotherapy is one of the most effective ways to get rid of the modern problem, arthritis. Arthritis is a common medicinal problem that has affected the lives of many young and old individuals. The process is implemented by physiotherapists who are trained to help the affected personnel get rid of the diseases. The process is fairly simple but has excellent impact and helps the victim love an independent life with ease. Check out the best possible treatment facility at Edgewater physiotherapy in Toorak.

The role of physiotherapists

Once a person is affected by arthritis or any similar joint disease, they lose hope. They start to curse themselves and start to think that they will no be living a dependent life. They carry this burden on their shoulders which affects their lifestyle adversely. The physiotherapists need to ensure that they are taking good care of their patients and helping them to get back to life. Apart from their physical treatment, they need to ensure that the patients are mentally confident that they will get rid of the disease. Some of the main duties of a physiotherapists are;

  1. Suggesting advices and giving reassurance that you will recover from the disease.
  2. Making you feel confident that this just a phase and you are getting better day by day.
  3. Help you reach achievable goals to boost the confidence and make you stay active.
  4. Cater to any concerns that the patient might have regarding their disease.

The process of physiotherapy

Often people feel that the process of physiotherapy is a fairly difficult process and involves a lot of stringent exercises that are ineffective. This misconception has affected the overall lifestyle of the arthritis patients leaving them to suffer from pain rather than trying out physiotherapy. The treatment is run by a group of trained individuals who have been working in the field for long. They know how to cater to the muscle or joints problems and will help you get rid of the pain with ease.

The physiotherapists will start off by asking you various questions regarding the muscle and joint pain. This is important as this will help the physiotherapist to get an idea of the disease so that they can plan their therapy accordingly. Often people get ticked off by these questions. The trick here is to stay calm and answer the physiotherapists with honesty in order to get rid of the problem at the earliest. The possible treatments will include;

  1. Providing walking help or splints to get rid of the immobility and rigidness. This is ideal for those people who have been on bed rest for long and find it difficult to get off it.
  2. A series of special exercises. Since the physiotherapists have an idea as to which exercises will help you get rid of the pain, try and follow their plan to stay fit and active.

Pain relief treatments. There are multiple pain relief treatments that must be followed in order to get rid of pain temporarily. The physiotherapists often suggest hold or cold ice packs (depending on the joint or muscle) to get sizable relief from pain.