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Test Clear – Passing a Drug Test Tips

Since most companies nowadays conduct drug testing for job applicants as well as employees, people are continually finding ways to pass the tests especially if they are consuming drugs such as cannabis.

It does not matter if you are consuming drugs for medicinal purposes or recreation because testing positive means that employer will decline your application or terminate the employment contract based on the drug-free workplace policy.

Of course, even if you get the one with the highest quality, you will still be able to pass it by following specific instructions.

The Easiest Ways To Pass A Drug Test

We can say that each test happens to pass with ease.

The most common and safest way to pass it is to abstain from consumption for a specific period so that you can reduce the possibility of failing the test. However, that may not be possible if you have to undergo an inspection on short notice, which is why we help you along the way:

How to Pass a Blood Test?

When it comes to a blood test, you should have in mind that the most effective way to do it is through detoxification by getting rid of all toxins and metabolites by exercising, eating healthy, and consuming plenty of water.

We are talking about the process of detoxification that you can speed up by adding water to your daily requirements so that you can flush all toxins out of your system. You should drink at least six glasses of water regularly, but avoid doing it all at once.

You can boost the metabolism by adding exercises and physical workout to your daily routine. Exercise will help you handle detoxification with ease. At the same time, you should eat healthy, especially foods that are rich in fibers, so that you can handle detoxification process.

A healthy diet is another essential consideration that you should make because that will help you handle daily needs and improve the metabolic rate along the way. You have to make sure that you consume breakfast and avoid eating late at night, and eat foods rich in fiber as well.

Avoid coffee, sugar as well as carbonated drinks that feature high levels of fructose and sugars that will increase your body fat. It is vital to stop doing drugs during this period and implement healthy habits that will help you cleanse your bloodstream with ease.

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How to Pass a Hair Drug Test?

If you have to pass a hair follicle drug test, you should have in mind that it is most challenging to beat, which is why you have to follow specific instructions along the way.

The first thing people think when they hear about hair drug tests is that they can shave entire bodies to pass everything with ease.

However, things are not that simple, because shaving your head means that technicians will use your body hair instead to test the presence.

Since body hair grows slower than head hair, it means that taking the same length of specimen will show what you consumed in a more extended period than usual three months.

At the same time, you can shave completely, but that is risky because employer will know that you did that to avoid the test, which is why he/she will fire or decline your application, or they will make you conduct another experiment.

Remember that you will need between five and ten days for a specific substance to enter your hair. However, if you are a light weed smoker, for instance, you will be able to find a light user loophole and pass the test.

Since this particular testing method is specially made to determine patterns of drug abuse as well as long-term usage, if you smoke occasionally, that may not be the part of your hair.

However, that risk may end up with a failing test, which is why you should avoid this loophole and try other ways of passing.

Finally, you can use detox shampoos that are perfect for your particular requirements. Have in mind that most hair detoxification shampoos fail because they cannot penetrate the shaft and remove toxins from hair follicles.

If you decide to use Aloe Rid’s old formula, you can rest assured because it can enter the hair shaft and handle all toxins that you have. It is the most efficient way to pass hair analysis, but you have to follow specific instructions that you got within the package.

Learn everything about certified drug testing methods by checking here.

How to Pass a Urinalysis?

The substance metabolites will linger in your urine for days after consumption, depending on the drugs you consumed as well as other factors. For instance, weed tends to remain for a most extended period because THC will enter fatty cells and spike in the bloodstream in timely manner.

Therefore, you can use various cheating methods for passing apart from abstinence. Of course, you can abstain if you have enough time to wait, but unless you cannot, we recommend you to use other methods.

You can consume detox drinks that feature proper ingredients that will dilute your urine, mask the presence of drugs. Since diluted urine is colorless, most drinks feature vitamin B complex to make it appear as natural one.

On the other hand, you can also substitute the sample by using artificial urine that you can purchase both online and in physical stores.

The main problem is that today, most labs know about ways people use to cheat the test, which is why they are conducting additional screenings as well as supervise everyone during the testing process.

Even though this is not a guarantee that you can pass the test, it is the right thing to do if you do not have any other ways and methods. It is as simple as that.