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Specialty Insurance Policies You May Not Know About

When it comes to insurance, everyone knows about homeowner’s, renter’s, auto, and health. The world is filled with ads and information about each one of those types of insurance plans. But did you know there are some other types of insurance that are considered specialty insurance policies? See if you need to add to your current coverage.


Antiques and pieces of art require a special policy to protect their value under a homeowner’s policy. After getting the items appraised, contact your insurance agent to request an endorsement. If you have one or two exceptionally valuable treasures, you can purchase a ‘floater’ policy for that single item from your insurance agency Newark DE.


If you have a valuable stash of jewelry, or if you have one or two exceptionally rare and priceless pieces you inherited, it is important to get extra insurance coverage. The rider policy can cover accidental loss of items, intentional theft, or even robbery. Have the items appraised and then contact your agent to purchase a rider or endorsement.

Collector Car

When you have a collector car, the value does not depreciate as with traditional types of automobiles. Instead, the insurance policy will establish an amount the vehicle is worth within an agreed upon appraised value. If something happens to the collector car, the agreed upon amount is the compensation amount.


Whether your pet is your best friend or a star on Broadway, if you want to insure his or her life, you can do it by purchasing pet insurance. There are different types of pet styled insurance, and the policies can cover dogs, turtles, snakes, etc. Health and wellness insurance for pets is inexpensive, but before you purchase the policy, make sure you understand what is covered.

If you have any of the items listed above, contact your insurance agent today to purchase additional coverage of your valuables. Adding an endorsement, rider, or floater is not difficult, but it could save you a lot of money.