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Some Bad Habits That Make It Difficult to Lose Weight

This bad habit can unwittingly make it difficult to lose weight. Avoid eating in front of the TV so that you don’t drink enough water. Losing weight is not difficult as long as it is consistent in controlling food intake and actively moving. But if you have done both the weight does not go down, it could be this bad habit that is the cause.

Without realizing this habits we continue to do until it finally affects the body’s metabolism and makes weight loss difficult to lose. For example, watching too long which ultimately makes us not move much and not burn enough calories.

There is also a habit of not drinking enough water which makes the body’s metabolism not optimal. Here are several bad habits that make it difficult to lose weight:

1. Work till night

Working late into the night makes us sleep-deprived, even though getting enough sleep is the key to weight loss. Researchers at Wake Forest prove that getting enough sleep is important to make your stomach feel full.

They found that people who slept only 5 hours or less had 2.5 times the risk of gaining weight compared to people who slept 7-8 hours each night. But be aware, don’t also sleep too much. For those who have difficulty sleeping, you should consume foods that can make you sleep more soundly like milk and bananas.

2. Skip meals

Maybe you often think spending time eating like breakfast or, dinner can make you lose weight fast.

The reason is nearly 20 per cent of Americans who skip meals, especially breakfast, will tend to gain weight. This is because they eat more at the next meal. The tips, always try breakfast with foods high in protein and fibre. Don’t forget to consume leptoconnect to prevent you from eating at night.

3. Watch too long

Watching TV, on a laptop, or a cellphone for a long time is now a bad habit for many people, especially if they are following a series or drama. But in terms of health, this is not good because it makes you not move much.

4. Not enough water to drink

It has been mentioned before that drinking water is as a natural appetite suppressant. You need to drink water when your stomach is ringing to see if you are really hungry or just thirsty.

5. Celebrate success with food

It’s no secret that most people celebrate success, whatever it may be, with food. Not infrequently they party or let the body consume whatever food they want. Avoid pampering yourself by consuming delicious, unhealthy foods. It feels heavy, but slowly you have to start avoiding this if you need to lose weight fast.