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Smok G-Priv 220W Review

SMOK products have been a favorite player in the vaping industry for some time now. They were the pioneers of the high-tech technologies like the wireless and Bluetooth connectivity firmware updates to this industry of vaping. On the other hand, with their latest G-Priv 220w vape mod, they have taken things to another level. Even though this mod may not be the first touch screen mod, it is for sure the most powerful currently and also the most sophisticated one.

What you will find in the box:

The user manual

Box mod for the G-Priv 220W

And a Micro USB Cable

Specifications & features

  • Resistance range of between 0.1 and 3.0 ohm of variable wattage and temperature control of 0.06 and 2.0 ohm
  • Size: 85 mm by 58.5 mm by 28mm
  • Power range of between 1.0 and 220w
  • Voltage range of between 0.35 and 8 V
  • It supports all major kinds of wires
  • Temperature range of between 1000C and 3150C or 2000F and 6000F
  • It requires a pair of 18650 batteries which are not included in the box
  • Upgradeable firmware
  • Gold-plated Spring-loaded 510 pin
  • A touch screen which is shatter resistant
  • A 510 stainless steel Threaded connector
  • A magnetic battery door

Outstanding Remarks


The G Priv mod is a mod which uses two vape batteries and is a 220-watt wired in series. Its framework is made of zinc alloy featuring a plastic firing bar which is the same as the H-Priv mod which they launched previously. Its battery door is characterized by an excellent looking Carbon fiber inset, and the magnets embrace the door to the mod are relatively stable. Some have mentioned having some trouble pulling the door to change the batteries. However, it is better than the ipv5 which has a door which doesn’t stay on for a long time.

The G-Priv has dimensions of 85 mm height by 58.5mm width by 28 mm depth. It is a somewhat short mod, of about similar height as the Wismec rx200. The depth of 288 includes the two side panels although the 25 mm diameter spray can fit perfectly. There are no problems with the atomizers so far.

Touch Screen

This is a fascinating feature of the G-Priv — its progressive touch screem The 2.4 inch OLED screen is covered with shatter-proof glass is in-built, and it is characterized by beautiful graphics. It features a screen lock button which prevents the settings from being altered accidentally when the mod is in your pocket, or it falls between a bench seats in your pickup truck.

To trigger the screen lock, press the silver rectangular key situated above the firing bar. By doing this will as well lead to the screen going black, this saves on the battery power. Pressing the screen lock key again will trigger the screen again to let the vaper modify the setting or check the dual battery representations to approximate the outstanding battery life.

Many users have found utilizing the touch screen to be intuitive and free of glitches. Pressing on the firing bar five times within two seconds turn the G-Priv om The mod will trigger you to select from same Coil and New Coil. Upon choosing between the two, the home screen reveals four icons – Settings, Max Puff, TC and VW mode. When you select the VW mode, you can modify your wattage setting between 1-220W.

It also features a bar which allows swift adjustment, and it also has + and – icons for tuning. Users can as well select how fast or slow the atomizer heats up by pressing Effects. Here there are five options offered — Hard, Soft, Norm, Min and Max. After picking an option, click on activate to start vaping. Also, you will see a new screen which lets you modify your wattage, counts the puffs and reveals resistance as well as the battery life remaining. You can let that screen remain visible or click the screen lock to lock-in and black out the screen.


Many users have found this device to be excellent, and it has regular high quality performance. The resistance readings offered are accurate, and there are no issues whatsoever at all, whether using it in VW mode or TC mode. It is straightforward to use it, which is among the most appealing features it has to offer, and one can easily switch between different functions swiftly without any difficulties.

Initial as well as pre-heat resistance can be altered through the menu if the need arises and there is complete support for every major wire kind. The squeeze trigger feels somewhat weird at the beginning for some users, especially for the ones used to normal thumb triggered fire buttons, but after some time it stops feeling weird.

It has a remarkable battery life, and users have said that they have gotten more vape time from the device as compared to the other dual 18650 vape mods they have utilized which means that the G-Priv is exceptionally efficient. For users who are used to vaping at a reduced wattage, you can go for several days of use before you have to change the batteries even if you use it at TC mode.

For most vapers, it has been a while since a device excited them as much as the G-Priv since it functions excellently. This device will most definitely be among the favorites of numerous vapers out there.

Final Word

The SMOK G-Priv kit is designed for vapers who love vaping and pumping out significant performance. This is for the vapers who also love producing a cloud when vaping who are searching for a well-paired tank and mod, mostly if you enjoy the comfort of utilizing factory coil heads.

For the individuals looking for this mod only, it will be perfect for a considerable variety of vapers with its various power settings. You will access numerous excellent features for the money you purchase it for, all wrapped in one nice-looking package. It will be worth the price tag.

It was said to be a budget brand which imitates other firms. After a few years, it is now well-known for its uniquely-designed products which perform better than most. It has come a long way to have now reached it G-Priv mod. 

Source from WorldVaping