Revitalize Your Pearly Whites and Flash an Eccentric Smile with Dental Fillings

New York aesthetic dental fillings are common dentistry procedures your dentist might recommend, especially if you do not feel confident showing off your pearly whites. Not everyone is all smiling about the appearance of their teeth. As a result, victims of unhappy smiles end up hiding their teeth for fear of ridicule. The good thing with cosmetic dentistry is that you will no longer have to feel embarrassed about your smile. Aesthetic restoration restores your damaged and worn-out teeth with dental fillings, giving you an exceptional look that will not make you shy of flashing your dream smile.

What are the aesthetic dental filling compounds your dentist might recommend?

There are different filler options your dentist might suggest before you commit to the procedure. The best part is that the medical professional will guide you through the compounds, explaining the compound’s pros and cons. Your filling options may include:  

·         Gold

Gold is an option your dentist might first suggest thanks to its various benefits. For instance, your body has zero to minimal chances of reacting to the material, even for patients with metal allergies, making the filing safe for dental treatment. Additionally, gold is long-lasting; thus, you might last with the filling for approximately 20 years. Unfortunately, the color of gold clearly stands out and will not blend with the natural color of your teeth.

·         Porcelain

Unlike gold, porcelain fillings resemble your pearly whites’ natural color. Thanks to the resemblance to your teeth, the filling will blend in naturally without much effort. Besides their ability to blend in, porcelain fillings are durable and resilient.

·         Amalgam

Are you looking for a filling option for your back teeth? If so, talk to your dentist about the amalgam filling. The compound is resilient, durable and can serve you for a long time if you take good care of the filling. Unfortunately, amalgam fillings are highly visible, thanks to their dark color.

·         Composite

Your dentist will most likely recommend composite fillings when you have minimal to mild dental cavities. Unfortunately, they might not be the best option when you have severe cavities since the material might chip and fail to provide enough support.

How will you know the dental filling that is best for your dental concern?   

Every dental condition requires a different treatment. Therefore, your healthcare provider will evaluate your teeth, considering your priorities before suggesting the best treatment. For instance, the medical expert might not recommend composite filling when you have a severe tooth cavity or weak teeth. Instead, your dentist may recommend a more resilient filling like amalgam or gold. Besides the fillings, your healthcare provider may suggest a dental crown or advise you to go for a root canal procedure.     

There are different options your dentist may recommend to help repair the look of your teeth and give them a natural appearance. However, the success of your treatment depends on various factors, including your dentist’s expertise, the materials the medical professional uses during the treatment, and the reliability of the procedure. Do not let your crooked smile prevent you from enjoying the fun when you can contact your dentist for professional help with aesthetic dentistry.