Prenatal Care: What Is It and Should You Consider It?

Pregnant women are encouraged to schedule prenatal visits to improve fetal and maternal health, especially during the first trimester. But what exactly is prenatal care, and do you need it? Are there any benefits of working with a specialist before, during, and after birth? This post reviews prenatal care as a pregnancy service provided by Dr. Kathleen Johnson of DeKalb Women’s Specialists.

What Is Prenatal Care?

Prenatal care is the care you receive during the nine-month gestation period for the benefit of both mother and child. While services may differ from mother to mother, it typically includes:

  • Pregnancy ailments treatment
  • Regular checkups
  • Professional nutritional advice
  • Support and counseling during labor
  • Screening
  • Professional insight and support on pregnancy complications

Benefits of Prenatal Care

Every mother is different, which means pregnancy needs will vary from case to case. Regardless of your situation, the following are the benefits you may glean from specialized … Read More...

How an Obstetrician-Gynecologist Can Save Your Life

Some screenings, such as pap smear, may need you to visit your OB-GYN once a year. However, this does not underscore the need to visit your OB-GYN regularly. Visiting your doctor for a regular checkup comes with a lot of benefits. You will get various medical services, including preventive medicine, to caution you against any disease. Lauren E. Spoo, MD, offers a wide range of minimally invasive gynecological and obstetric treatment options so that you may lead a quality life.

What to expect during your gynecological appointment

Visiting a gynecologist is a vital decision for women. It is recommended that young girls should see a gynecologist after receiving their periods. You may be nervous and anxious during your appointment; it is crucial to prepare for the appointment. Preparing helps you feel relaxed and feel at ease. Here is what you should expect during your appointment:

Your gynecologist may check …

Essential Facts Regarding Back Pain

In essence, almost everyone encounters some kind of back pain at some point in their lives. However, for some, this condition can be significantly disruptive. If you or a loved one encounters this condition and its inconveniences, seeking practical help is critical. Suppose you are after solutions for back pain in Tampa, contact the specialists at the Osteoporosis and Rheumatology Center of Tampa Bay for comprehensive treatment. Jeffrey Miller and his team of compassionate providers apply the latest equipment and techniques to offer patients lasting relief.

Common Causes of Back Pain

Several distinct factors can cause back pain, thus, it can be challenging to identify your source of discomfort. Back pain can be intermittent or constant, sharp or dull, and can change between days.

Your back comprises a complex network of muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons, nerves, connective tissues, and blood vessels. A complication in any of the above components … Read More...

Is Your Sciatica a Result of Bulged Discs?

To treat your sciatica effectively, you need to come to the correct diagnosis because not all back pain or radiating pain down your leg is created equally. Depending on the cause, your doctor will recommend different treatment options and different care plans. Specialists at McNulty Spine provide diagnostic tests to Las Vegas sciatica patients, helping them realize the root cause of their nerve pain.

Some nerves come down your back, and they exit at each vertebra level. The bottom-most nerves come together to form three nerves, and then they are wrapped together in a big sheath. The combination of those three nerves is what is known as the sciatic nerve. Sciatica is a painful discomfort in the sciatic nerve. This condition is not a diagnosis because it does not explain where the pain is originating. However, sciatica is a symptom that shows that the pain is radiating down your leg.… Read More...

How Platelet-Rich Fibrin Accelerates Healing

Your body can fix a cut because molecules are floating around your system in a very diluted form, and when you have an injury, they trickle down to the wounded part and start fixing it. PRF is a concentration of those molecules. So, dentists like Dr. Jeremy K. Ueno at Ueno Center Dental Specialists can perform any oral surgery using platelet-rich fibrin because there is no downside to the therapy.

What is PRF?

Fibrin is a protein circulating in the blood, and upon activation, it forms long strands that clump together to form a net.  This net forms a structural basis for a clot and allows other cells to be captured in it, such as endothelial cells. PRF is a clotted or coagulated platelet-rich plasma. In dental work, PRP is activated to turn into PRF to use that gel-like substance in the dry sockets. Because PRF is already clotted, it … Read More...