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In order not to become senile, let’s do this brain exercise

1. Train memory

If you see a list, be it a list of names or a grocery list, for example, try to remember it. This brain exercise can be used to test your ability to prevent senility.

After an hour, try to memorize the information on the list that you have memorized. If necessary, make a long list of difficult words yourself. The harder it is, the more stimulated your brain will be.

2. Listen to or play a musical instrument

One of the activities that you can do every day is listening to music. Listening to music can be a brain exercise because it can stimulate the brain.

Apart from that, you can also learn how to play musical instruments. When you learn something new, new brain nerve cells appear and store all the new information that you are learning. The more often you do this exercise the better it is for your memory.

3. Count in the head

Instead of calculating using the calculator on your cellphone or scribbling on paper, doing calculations in your head is one of the brain exercises to prevent senility.

The reason is, to get the right answer, calculating by imagining it is more challenging than seeing the numbers in plain sight.

4. Teach new knowledge to others

Learning a new science is a brain exercise that can be used to prevent you from becoming senile. However, it doesn’t stop there, you should also share this knowledge with others.

This allows the brain to become more aware of the new scientific concepts you are learning and to try to remember them.

5. Take a cooking class

Cooking is one activity that makes you use all the senses you have. For example, you will use your sense of smell to smell food. Then use your sense of sight to cook, and use your sense of touch to touch the ingredients. Do not forget, you also use your sense of taste to feel the results of your cooking. This is one of the brain exercises to prevent senility because you use different parts of the brain when using each of the senses.

6. Use a non-dominant hand

One other brain exercise you can practice to prevent senility is doing activities using your hands that you don’t usually use.

For example, if you are used to writing with your right hand, try writing with your left hand. When you write with a different hand that you don’t normally use, your brain will work harder. The brain that is working the harder the more often will improve its abilities and functions.

7. Try a new route

If you are accustomed to going home on route A, there is nothing wrong with trying to go on route B, C, or D. That means, always try to go home on a different route. The reason is, small changes like this can help you do brain training in order to change your perspective and thinking patterns so as to prevent senility.

8. Pay attention to others

When you interact with other people, try to focus on that person. Then, remember four things about that person. This could be a detail of what clothes are being worn, or how they talk, eat, or walk.

One of these brain exercises can help you prevent senility if you try to recall details that you “caught” from someone else. Try to rewrite the details of the four things you noticed.

9. Meditation

Meditation may be one very effective brain exercise for training memory and thinking. Not only that, this brain exercise can help prevent senility because it can improve brain functions such as attention, focus, empathy, to increase body immunity.

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