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How to Prevent Drag Abuse.

Drug abuse and illicit trafficking is a global phenomenon that is very frightening and very dangerous for the nation and state.

This condition is undoubtedly a problem for teenagers and parents. For this reason, the main prerequisite to prevent them is, looking for a rehab to manage drag abuse.


Narcotics and dangerous drugs are usually also called drugs (Narcotics, Psychotropic, and addictive substances).

 While addictive substances that are derived from plants or not plants (sentimental or semi-synthetic) that cause dependence and decrease central nervous system.

Various types of Narcotics include Opioids, Cocaine, Cannabis / cannabis / hemp / heroin / methadone, morphine, barbiturates, etc. Whereas Psychotropic is usually of type; Shabu-shabu, sedative / hypnotic, ecstasy, angel dust, etc.

Also, other addictive substances of type include; alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, designer substances (speedball, pace pill, cristal, angel dust rocket fuel), besides there are other similar substances which are very dangerous and can cause addiction/dependence. And now, the type and form of the drug have been very far developed and varied with various packages that are very interesting and misleading.

Work effects caused by drug abuse are generally well known, which can stimulate, disrupt, and also reduce the activity of the central nervous system. People who have experienced drug dependence are likely to suffer damage to their organs, which will ultimately result in death. You can visit the rehabilitation center to reduce drug dependence.

Each type of drug has a vary effect; if the physical will cause interference, damage, and even death, then psychologically will cause effects including; behavioral disorders, Raises paranoia, etc.

The above effects are only direct effects that occur in drug addicts, but the very dangerous effects are the next effects related to the environment and other communities. Drug addicts tend to be unhealthy, lazy, and unproductive people, but because they have a need that cannot be denied, namely the needs of drugs, the shortcut is committing a crime.