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How to Pass a Hair Follicle Drug Test Naturally?

Most of the drug test you will go through will be unexpected and you won’t have too much time to find a way to be clean that day. The majority of the companies that check their employees will give you two weeks to “prepare” for testing. On the other hand, there are some protocols that need to be followed so sometimes you will have enough time to pass it naturally. 

The easiest test to pass is urine but now you have a lot of products that work great for other types of tests. When it comes to hair, there are shampoos meant for this occasion. You can check hair test shampoo reviews online to see which one is the best for you. Some of them have natural ingredients so you shouldn’t worry too much but there are bad products online that will damage your hair so doing research is crucial. 

About the Test 

Just because urine testing is easily passed, hair follicle test is the second most popular way of testing employees. The protocols for doing them are only able to check the past 90 days so this means they are only cutting a small part of your hair. It is harder to beat and by cutting your hair you will only be suspicious. Everything you take goes to the bloodstream and your hair is fed by blood vessels which make hair grow. 

You won’t be able to provide a hair sample yourself because they will take it from you directly. Don’t worry about your hairstyle, they will take it from the back of your head. The reason why they are using fair follicle test more is the 90 days period that they can check. Cheaper options like saliva and urine tests can only detect a few days depending on how much you smoke. The most reliable test is by testing the blood but if you have a large number of employees, it’s not worth it. 

The difference from other tests is that hair follicle won’t give results for the past week because the hair that should be tested needs to grow to show that recent time of period. They can’t check when exactly you took drugs they only know it was in the past 90 days. So, if something happened at work they can’t blame it on drugs but in that case, they usually have a different approach. 

What Not To Do? 

You can find a lot of products online that claim they will work but it usually depends on the situations. Detox drinks are the first thing that will pop on the internet and a lot of them will work but if you have urine test. When it comes to testing your hair they won’t work. They might also have a chance with saliva tests. By checking reviews online you will have better insight into what is good. Most of them will be about food supplements that include detox pills and herbs. The hair test was never beaten by these supplements so you should never use them on this occasion. 

Home Remedies 

There isn’t a hair follicle drug test you can pass only naturally. You can only wait for your hair to grow and cut it. The other options are home remedies that include some ingredients that can damage your hair. When you search through forums you will find a Macujo method. Irritation of scalp is a normal thing if you want to be sure you are clear for the test. You will need laundry detergent, Aloe Rid Shampoo, salicylic acid and acetic acid or vinegar. 

The process is very easy and it starts by using warm water and applying vinegar. After you applied it all the way to the scalp you should use salicylic shampoo next. Because the ingredients are strong you should be careful so it won’t get into your eyes or ears. When everything is well-placed leave it for half an hour. The next step is to rinse it out and use Aloe Rid. Detergent is only used in extreme cases if you smoke every day. If you don’t smoke every day then just repeat this process. This should be repeated for the next 3 days to be sure. 

Jerry G Method 

The second home remedy that is popular online is the Jerry G method which isn’t repetitive as Macujo but it is a lot stronger. This is used by people that have one or two days until the testing. It is guaranteed that your hair will be damaged but you can always grow new and save your job. Don’t use it if you aren’t sure you need it. 

You will need hair dye of natural color, ultra clean shampoo, Aloe Rid and peroxide bleach. The most important thing about this method is re-dying and bleaching your hair. Once you stop using drugs you should start this method. You can ask a hairdresser to bleach and re-dye your hair, after that use the Aloe Rid shampoo. Don’t use a dryer because the hair is weakened and the dryer will only damage it more. People use baking soda on the day of the test. It is made as a thick paste of water and baking soda and massaged through the hair. Read more here

Additional Notes 

These methods should work on every type of hair and there shouldn’t be any problems if applied correctly. Only if you have dreadlocks you will have some problems because the dreads are very thick. The Jerry G method will work better for people who have dreads. If you used chemicals to treat your hair in the past, remember not to use them after this treatment because it is fragile. 

Some people decide to cut their hair and regrow it normally. For others, you can use olive oil to restore it over time. When you are applying olive oil it should be warm. Always remember to rub it all the way to the scalp. Let it sit for half an hour and wash it away. Hair conditioners will also help afterwards.