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How to Find the Best All In One Vape for Beginners

All in one vape kits are selling out across the nation. Not only do they make gifts, but vaping itself is growing in popularity. Many users prefer vapes to traditional alternatives such as cigarettes. Others have turned to vaping as a means to consume CBD products for anxiety or pain relief.

Let’s be honest: if you’re new to vaping, the concept can feel overwhelming. You have to worry about cartridges, the battery, USB chargers, and the vape itself! Fortunately, an all-in-one vape kit takes the hassle out of the purchasing process. Here’s what you need to know.

Are All-In-One Vape Kits Safe?


Like anything else, it is important to only purchase vapes and CBD products from reputable sources and trusted companies.

The CBD industry itself is growing at a compounded annual rate of 22.2{14b1031694aec2b3166be54b9be3e3e63eee46ecc3b98eea28f6d2b91027c075} per year, making it one of the fastest growing industries globally. The vaping industry, on the other hand, is growing just as fast. In 2018, the market value of vaping devices was $11.5 billion and is expected to soar past $31.7 billion as early as 2025.

Why does this matter?

Any time an industry booms, there are many shady businesses and scammers that attempt to claim a piece of the pie. These bad actors are looking to profit off of unsuspecting consumers, which leads to health and safety risks for the general public. 

In recent years, you’ve probably read headlines about vapes exploding or users facing illness as a result of vapes.

However, the vast majority of these cases can be linked directly to vapes, CBD products, and THC products bought on the black market. In fact, some of these black market products are even being sold on Instagram, Amazon, and Facebook Marketplace. Fortunately, major tech companies have begun cracking down on illegitimate businesses, but it’s still important for consumers to do their homework before making a purchase. 

Keep in mind that scams and counterfeit products are inherently designed to look like the real deal. The best way to avoid such scams is to purchase directly from reputable companies and sources.

So, what are the reported benefits of vaping CBD?

  • Anxiety and stress relief
  • Elevated mood
  • Calmness and relaxation
  • Pain relief
  • Comfort
  • Alertness and energy (in low doses)
  • Sleepiness (in high doses)

With so many benefits, it is easy to understand why more and more people are vaping CBD!

Is CBD the Same as Weed?

This is a tricky question and a popular misconception.

CBD does indeed come from the marijuana plant. Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of many compounds that can be derived from marijuana. However, CBD itself does not result in the psychoactive high that is associated with weed. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the ingredient that causes that “stoned” experience. CBD products are federally required to have a THC content below 0.3{14b1031694aec2b3166be54b9be3e3e63eee46ecc3b98eea28f6d2b91027c075}. It is important to know that CBD-THC hybrid products have different ratios, so always be sure to double-check the label before making a purchase.

In other words, while CBD comes from the marijuana plant, it does not cause the psychoactive high that is associated with weed.

What to Look for in a Vape Kit

Not all vapes are created equal. Fortunately, there are several benchmarks you can use to distinguish quality vapes from the others. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Is the cartridge leak-proof? Vape pens are typically suitable for e-liquids, vape juice, CBD oil, hemp oil, and similar hemp CBD products. It’s important to make sure that the cartridge doesn’t leak. First, this ensures that you get your money’s worth of the product that you are purchasing. Leaking cartridges mean that you get less of the “good stuff.” Second, leaking cartridges can be a hazard to the safe use of the vape itself.
  • Is the vape battery and charger reliable? Explosions from black market vapes typically occur due to overcharging or discharging of the battery. Quality vapes will feature over-charging time protection, low-voltage protection, high-voltage protection, and load short-circuit protection. If the vape doesn’t offer those technical safeguards, you might want to consider another product.
  • Is the vape composed of high quality material? Our recommendation is to opt for stainless steel construction. High quality vapes so include a durable ceramic coil cartridge as well as a brass, pyrex glass tube. These materials are durable and help prevent leaking.

Once the primary safety features are considered, you may also want to see if the vape is available in the color that you prefer! Popular options include black or silver.

An all-in-one vape kit such as those sold by Fusion CBD Products should also include a rechargeable battery, ceramic cartridge, USB charger, and a user manual!

What Are the Benefits of an All-In-One Vape Kit?

If you’re new to the world of vaping, specifically vaping CBD products, the primary benefit of kits is being able to use the vape right out of the box. These kits are designed to be as user friendly as possible, especially for beginners. Advanced users like the kits for their convenience and quality as well!

Another benefit of an all-in-one kit is that it comes with compatible hardware. One of the first rules of vaping is that you should never ever mix battery packs. Even if batteries and their chargers look similar, it’s important to keep things separate for safety reasons. Fortunately, an all-in-one kit only comes with compatible hardware, so you can rest assured that every component works with the pieces included!

Users also love the sustainability of vaping kits. Disposable pens and throwaway cartridges are not only expensive, but harmful to the environment as well. Sure, one-time-use vapes are convenient, but reusable vapes are better for your pocket and our landfills.

Gone are the days of vapes that look like they stepped out of an 80’s sci-fi flick. New vapes are sleek and come in a variety of colors and materials to match your aesthetic. There are even premium vapes for those who want a luxury product. Looking to make a bold, colorful statement? That’s a possibility as well!

At the end of the day, the primary benefits of an all-in-one vape kit can be summarized as considerable cost savings, easy to use, and environmentally friendly.

Yes, You Can Refill Fusion CBD Vape Pens!

Aside from the ease of use, one of the reasons to get a Fusion CBD vape pen is so that you can refill it over and over again.

It is a simple three step process:

  1. First, you’ll want to unscrew the mouthpiece by twisting counterclockwise.
  2. Next, inject the refill along the glass tube.
  3. Finally, close the mouthpiece by twisting clockwise.

It’s important not to fill the central hole with oil or liquid. When liquid gets into the central hole, this can result in “flooding.” Flooding can ruin your vaping experience by resulting in a bad taste. If you hear gurgling while vaping and are producing less vapor than usual then the vape may be experiencing flooding. 

The Fusion CBD vape pen can be refilled with CBD, hemp, or e-liquid oil!

We always recommend refilling the vape pen over a paper towel. This allows you to easily mop up any spilled e-liquid. 

Similar to purchasing a quality all-in-one vape, you’ll want to make sure that you are purchasing quality refills. Again, there are a lot of shady actors in the market, especially since the vape and CBD industries are growing so quickly. By purchasing from established, trusted brands, you can protect your own safety while supporting the legitimate growth of the industry.

Fusion CBD Products sells CBD vape juice, which is available in 9 flavors including Lemon Custard, Caramel Macchiato, Chocolate Mint, French Vanilla, Irish Cream, Kahlua Cream, Nutella, Banana Custard, and Citrus Apple. 

These flavors are delicious, made of premium ingredients, and are calorie-free!

Why Vape CBD?

There are so many ways to consume CBD.

Some of the most popular include tinctures, capsules, and topical ointments. CBD for energy is one of the most popular reasons that people choose to take CBD. Athletes will often take CBD for energy one or two hours before their workout so that they are primed for peak performance.

Vaping CBD is the fastest way to consume CBD both in terms of actually imbibing it as well as your body absorbing it. Remember, the faster you absorb and process CBD, the more quickly you’ll feel the benefits you desire. It’s also important to note that the faster you absorb CBD, the faster it will leave your system. 

Because vape technology has advanced so much over the years, it is convenient to carry with you and is extremely discreet. 

Again, we want to emphasize that most CBD formulas may contain traces of THC, but they are federally required to stay below 0.3{14b1031694aec2b3166be54b9be3e3e63eee46ecc3b98eea28f6d2b91027c075}. This means that you will not experience a psychoactive high from CBD. If you are concerned about failing a drug test for work, school, or the military, there are also THC-free e-liquids available on the market. 

So why do CBD products contain trace amounts of THC in the first place?

Well, from a molecular perspective, THC can help your body’s receptors better absorb and process the CBD. By including trace amounts of THC, you won’t get high, but you will be able to better enjoy the benefits that CBD has to offer. 

While THC is still federally illegal, it is increasingly being legalized for medical and recreational use in most states. CBD made from hemp, on the other hand, is no longer criminalized by the federal government. States like Idaho, Nebraska, and North Dakota still lump hemp and cannabis together in a single category, but you can easily purchase CBD in most states.

Can You Overdose on CBD?

Similar to THC, there is no single well documented case of a human fatality attributed to overdosing on CBD. Several research studies appear to suggest that CBD is extremely low in toxicity. 

If you are concerned about safety, we recommend informing your healthcare provider that you are considering trying CBD. Together, you can talk about the best course of action for your situation.

And of course, perhaps the most important aspect is to purchase an all-in-one vape kit from a CBD brand that you can trust. With so many shady actors on Instagram, Amazon, and even Facebook Marketplace, we recommend purchasing directly from reputable brands.

It is important to note that reputable brands generally invest in lab testing. These lab tests verify the cannabinoid content of their products so that you can trust the content listed on the label!

Why Experts Recommend Fusion CBD Products

It’s rare for a CBD brand to cater towards both beginners and advanced users, but that’s exactly what the Fusion CBD Vape Pen Starter Kit does. It comes ready to use, right out of the box, including a rechargeable 510 battery thread and a generous 0.7ml cartridge capacity.

With black and silver options available, users can find the pen that fits their aesthetic. The vape itself is made of durable material so users can rest assured that they will get good use out of their product!

Customers love Fusion because they truly focus and specialize on CBD Products. Sure, they sell vapes, but that’s just one category in their inventory. 

They have partnered with FDA-registered and GMP-certified industrial hemp facilities here in the United States. This means that their customers will only receive the highest quality hemp that is available on the market. Oh, did we mention that this proprietary hemp extract is 100{14b1031694aec2b3166be54b9be3e3e63eee46ecc3b98eea28f6d2b91027c075} organic, non-GMO, contains no THC, and is gluten-free and vegan-friendly?!

Everything produced by Fusion CBD Products is third-party tested to ensure quality, integrity, and effectiveness. The brand is also dedicated to educating consumers about CBD, which showcases the brand’s commitment and dedication to the industry in general. While some brands are only concerned about making a profit, Fusion CBD Products is truly invested in the wellness of its customers.

This is why CBD users across the nation trust Fusion CBD Products for their needs. 

We hope that you found this guide helpful on your search for a high quality all-in-one vape kit. To view other products by Fusion, click here.

Happy Shopping!