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How to Choose the Best Hair Restoration Procedure

Hair loss can be devastating no matter the reasons behind it and despite your age and gender. However, you can choose to go for hair restoration and improve your appearance boosting your confidence and self-esteem. However, you will be faced with a difficult decision to choose the best hair restoration procedure. Therefore, you can use the Lakewood Ranch support & consultation specialists at Honest Hair Restoration. They will provide you with the necessary information you require to make an informed decision.

Types of Hair Restorations

Before you secure a choice, it is good you understand the types of hair restoration there is. You will have to choose between FUT/Strip, FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), or FUE No Shave. For the FUT procedures, your provider will remove a narrow strip of your scalp. However, this procedure may not be performed on any area of your scalp, but the back lower part around the ears forms the safest parts to perform the excisions. Single follicular units are withdrawn from the strip through stereo-microscopic dissection. Sutures are used to close the wound edges leaving only a single generally fine scar.

The FUE procedure involves removing hair through small circular punches made directly from your scalp’s surfaces. The punches are usually small enough to fit around every individual follicular unit.

The FUE No Shave is an extension of the FUE procedure and is necessary to buzz the donor area. The hair grows back in the following week, just like a regular haircut. The procedure involves cutting individual hair follicles with tiny scissors and harvesting them with small circular punches.

Factors to Consider

Now that you know the various hair restoration procedures, what do you have to consider to end up with only the best suitable for you? See below.


Your preferred hairstyle is a crucial aspect to consider because if you decide one day to shave your hair, FUT becomes not suitable for you. For the FUE, even though there are scars, they are very insignificant and cannot prevent you from cutting your hair short.

Graft Quality

Every technique utilizes a different method to harvest the graft, which can affect the graft’s quality. The grafts from the FUT surgery are fatter compared to those from the FUE procedure. Therefore, you can go for any, depending on the nature of grafts that interests you.

Donor Source

The donor zone is an essential consideration for your hair restoration procedure as there have been arguments on the success rate based on the donor area. For instance, FUE grafts are pulled out from a broader region on the scalp than the FUT procedure, and follicles can be lost over time to balding.


The recovery procedure for any procedure is an important consideration to make. When you opt for the FUT procedure or the FUE No Shave, the recovery is quicker than the FUE procedure. This is because the donor area doesn’t need to be shaved, and the longer hair can cover the donor incisions. However, the recovery for strenuous activities is the same where you have to take special care.

If you need help deciding on the hair restoration procedure that best suits you, contact Honest Hair Restoration’s support and consultation specialists team.