How Can You Aid in The Effectiveness of Jungian Psychoanalysis?

The decision to see an analyst can be the beginning of dealing with issues that have plagued you for a long time. In order to increase the odds that the Jungian psychoanalysis will make a difference, it’s important for you to be an active participant in the therapy. Here are some tips that will increase the odds of getting more from each of those sessions.

Decide to Share All With The Analyst

From the moment that you make the first appointment, make a promise to be completely forthcoming with the analyst. Your goal is to share everything that comes to mind, even things that you would normally never consider telling another human being. While this may be difficult at first, understand that holding back anything could defeat the point of undergoing the analysis.

Keep in mind that the analyst places a high premium on maintaining confidences. There will be no discussion about what’s shared in those sessions without your expressed permission. Even then, names are generally not provided. Don’t be concerned about shocking the analyst or being judged. Mental health professionals have heard it all, and are more focused on helping patients than making any type of judgments.

Answer Questions As Honestly as You Can

During the course of those sessions, there will be questions asked. While you may be asking some of them, the majority are likely to be from the analyst. It’s up to you how they are answered, but commit to providing honest and complete responses.

Remember that the more the analyst knows about what’s happening inside you, and how you feel about different things, the easier it will be to determine how to seek progress on your behalf. With that in mind, see being fully honest as a way to do something good for yourself.

Pay Close Attention to What the Analyst Recommends

There will be recommendations made throughout the process of the Jungian psychoanalysis. Some may have to do with strategies for redirecting your thoughts when in certain situations. or they may focus around mental exercises that the analyst wants you to do in between the sessions. All of the recommendations are designed to help you get more from the therapy.

Even if some of the recommendations may strike you as silly, be willing to give them a try. Many of them can be carried out in the privacy of your own home. You may be surprised at how much they do help.

Put What You Learn Into Practice

Throughout the sessions, there will be times when you become more aware of certain aspects of your life or the way you do things. The outcome may be that you feel the need to make some changes in what you do, the places you go, and possibly some of the people that you associated with regularly. Opting to refocus your life in a way that brings greater peace of mind is a good thing, and certainly something that you want to do.

To that end, find ways to put what you learn in the sessions to practical use. Begin with minor changes that may not be noticed by anyone other than yourself. From there, you can move on to changes that may have a more noticeable impact on your relationships and actions. Feel free to discuss the outcomes with the therapist.

Keep in mind that the reason for the analysis is to improve your quality of living. Be actively involved in the process, and you may be surprised at what is gained.

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