Hottest Asian Hairstyles Men 2019

Asian nations such as japan and Korea are the cutting-edge of new hair styles and sophisticated fashion. You will be challenged to change your style for one of their style if you watch most of their movies. Well, copying here is accepted when it comes to hairstyles. All you need to do is get the right barber to give you the shaving. 

So, if you need a hairstyle that is a top-notch, we researched some of the best and trendiest hairstyles for Asian men and compiled this list for your consideration. The haircuts range from unique cuts to Korean pop trendy. This content will also be very helpful to you. 

  • Wild Child. 

If you are looking for a little more complicated and edgier Asian hairstyles men, then this is the best option for you. The hairstyle features subtle straight sides and wild hair that is surely a hot cake this year. The best example of this look is one rocked by Korean star Kim Sung-Kyu. It is effortless to style and also manage. 

  • The Messy Medium. 

This is a vintage Korean/Japanese college look. it is mid-length messy haircut with numerous achieve this look, you need to use some few products to make the hair intact. 

  • College Boy. 

Currently, this is most preferred Asian hairstyles men that every Asian guy wants to wear. The hair at the top is kept long while the sides are shaped medium and faded short. It is a sure-fire style to rock if you want to attract people. However, to make it great, always brush the hair at the crown. 

  • Samurai Bun. 

Nowadays buns are becoming so popular among men and therefore it doesn’t hurt if we go back to where everything started. This Asian hairstyle men is a bun for men that features some hanging manes near the face. The samurai bun is pretty attention seeking, if you wear it right with an angular face. 

  • The K-Pop Haircut. 

This Asian haircut resembles Justin Bieber hairstyle when he commenced his musical journey. It incorporates messily layered hair and the sides which are straighten up. This looks more like an angular fringe haircut with trimmed sides that has currently trending. 

  • Neat Side Part. 

This hairstyle for Asian men features extra long sides that makes it a classic and stylish style. Though, you will need to spend some time styling it in the morning, you will get a formal and classic style that will be a threat to even the smartest employer. 

  • Classic Taper. 

This simple and straightforward tapper will look great on any Asian man. To recreate this look, you will need some gel for the purpose of boosting the volume of the cut and also come up with some amazing curves. However, it is upon you to style it whatever way you want it to look.