Pakar Kista

Health-Related Careers That Don’t Require an MD

If you’d love to work in the healthcare industry but happen to have a queasy stomach, you may not realize just how many options are out there for essential medical administration work. Here are just a few ideas to get you started on finding a career path that suits you and allows you to be part of the healthcare system.

Managed Care Contract Negotiations

Becoming a Managed Care Revenue Consultant means helping hospitals with revenue strategies. You’d be working alongside top professionals in an essential field and helping hospitals review contracts with insurance companies to make sure hospitals are being given a fair deal.

Medical and Health Services Manager

If you’re good at managing people and bringing a strategic plan to fruition, you might want to consider working in medical and health services management. Staying on top of medical regulations and technological advances is key for this type of career.

Health Information Technology

With the rapid advancement of health information technology, a tech-savvy person can make a hefty salary by making sure that the hospital’s tech is running smoothly. With responsibilities for patient portals and acquiring new technology for hospitals, health IT can be a lucrative and cutting-edge field that’s always changing.

Marketing Management

Hospitals are just like businesses in that bad PR can quickly cause issues with the bottom line. As a marketing manager of a hospital, you’ll have the opportunity to create ad campaigns that make a difference in the public perception of healthcare. This is a great career for administratively creative people with a love for making doctors look good.

While each of these potential careers is outside of the operating room, each contributes to the overall financial health of medical institutions. So, if you don’t feel like you’re cut out for surgical procedures but you want to play a key role in the administration of healthcare, these are great options for you to consider.