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Have You Ever Thought of Your Daily Activities That Cause Your Back Pain?

At one point, you must have experienced back pain as you perform your daily routines. More of this feeling results from lifting objects that are heavy or involving yourself in things that cause back pain in nature. This pain may disappear after a while but if it persists, specialists at Genesis Regenerative Sports and Aesthetic Medicine can choose the best treatment for back pain in Westfield for your healing. Back pain results from arthritis, fibromyalgia, and your daily habits. Here are the obvious day-to-day things that you do without realizing their implications on your back.

Your Diet

What you eat and drink can contribute to your back pain. You should avoid or eat in moderation every kind of food that leads to your body’s inflammation. These include foods such as red meat, pasta, caffeine, alcohol, sugary beverages, and white bread. Instead, have a better diet, focus on chicken and fish for protein, fruits, and eat green vegetables to fight your back pain.

Laundry and Cleaning

Think of how you do lifting when cleaning. Putting and taking your wet clothes out of your washer, bending when mopping, and carrying out your chores add up to straining your back. You may not have viewed it from that perspective, but these activities may decrease your quality of life. If you experience back pain while carrying them out, find options such as hiring cleaning services for help.


Smoking is unhealthy for your body, but you may wonder how it is related to back pain. Although smoking has negative effects on your lungs and heart, it also contributes to back pain associated with hypertension. You may think of quitting smoking, but it’s not that easy. Seek professional treatment, and you will overcome this habit as a solution for back pain.

Having Long Walks

You may be one of those who enjoy having nature walks, it’s good and healthy. However, it’s healthier when you walk right, meaning using the right technique, pace, and good terrain. Walking and back pain is connected when you hike through the woods using an uncomfortable shoe. To avoid back pain make sure you don’t overdo walking and wear comfortable shoes to avoid straining.


Your problem may arise due to poor postures that you use while sleeping. For example, if you sleep on your stomach, you will likely have pain in your back. This may result from poor positioning of your spine when sleeping. To fix this issue, you can sleep on your back or else put your pillow underneath your lower abdomen for balancing if you have to sleep on your stomach.


If you are a long-distance commuter or have a job that you will spend more than an hour driving, you will likely experience back pain due to your driving posture. Mistakes that you make are sitting in the middle of the seat, which fails to support your back, thus leading to a back issue. Try buying a driving pillow or else sit straight, having your back supported by the seat to avoid back issues.

Are you suffering from back pain? Worry no more as Westfield specialists are ready to treat your back pain to get your life quality back with no more pain.