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Glance at Various Interventional Pain Management Therapies

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Steroids are the actions of injecting drugs into a joint by injection. If ordinary medicine...
Glance at Various Interventional Pain Management Therapies

Steroids are the actions of injecting drugs into a joint by injection. If ordinary medicine taken will affect all organs. While the injection of steroid drugs only into the joints, so only about the joints, not other organs. In addition, with oral medication can overload the kidneys. While steroids can potentially reduce kidney damage.

This injections steroids is effective in reducing pain, reducing inflammation, edema and irritation by reducing neurological swelling. If you want to  buy injections steroids, you can visit steroids shop is a seller of injections steroids shop at affordable prices. The benefits of steroids, the pain goes away for a maximum of two years. Compared with steroid injection, it takes longer to reduce pain and less complications. This therapy increases the scope of joint motion, minimizes the use of oral pain medications, improves quality of life and faster healing time.

Radio frequency Ablation

While radiofrequency is a procedure used to reduce pain by flowing electricity produced by radio waves to heat certain parts of the nerve. The nerve endings that cause pain are heated using electric current generated by radio waves so that excitatory pain in the area can be stopped.

Musculoskeletal injection guided ultrasound

Injecting the drug in diseased muscles and joints while guided by ultrasound so that it is right on target. For more information you can look at

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

PRP therapy has been used since the 1990s to help heal spinal cord injuries and tissue recovery after plastic surgery. Over the past few years PRP has become popular for the treatment of injuries such as tennis and golf elbows and knee problems caused by jogging and sports varieties, as in the case of Tiger Woods used for knee surgery, and others.


Injecting corticosteroid drugs into the epidural cavity in the spinal region to relieve inflammation of the nerves and spinal cushions (interverterbral disc).

Catheter Installation Procedure

Installation of micro catheters into the epidural cavity in the spine to reach the location of the injection of drugs that are right on target. This procedure takes about 30 to 60 minutes. Can be done only once to a maximum of three injections in one year.

Simpathetic block

Injections around the spine to relieve pain related to the autonomic nervous system.

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