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Free up Memory on Android phones and Tablets

Google play store has significant place for Android cleaning tools like CCleaner, AVG Cleaner and Clean Master. It is because Android phones to tends to slow down unlike apple phones. Therefore, people are always looking for ways to gain lost performance. Most affecting factor is that many mid-level and low budget phones can’t keep up with new system updates and app updates. Because newer updates may require more resources to run. There are many other factors too that cause Android phones to run out of storage and performance. You can find solutions for those problems using CCleaner.

Android Play Store has many awesome apps and games for free. Many forget to uninstall or remove install apps that are no longer needed. Those apps and games may take lots of storage space and other resources. Some of those unwanted applications may run on background. Background tasks may increase CPU work load and take considerable amount of RAM. Amount of CPU and RAM available for user tasks may limited. In that case you may find it difficult to do task. Phone may hang up or lag on every task you perform. This problem on Android TV boxes too. You can download effective Android TV cleaning tools from Filelinked too. For that you have to find correct Filelinked code.

CCleaner can find those unwanted background tasks and block them. By blocking and removing those unwanted background tasks will reduce CPU work load and free RAM space. Free RAM and CPU help you to gain lost performance.

Features of CCleaner

CCleaner has many features that help you to clean and boost performance. Below listed only few.

Get more storage – With time your phone may get collected with junk files and other unwanted files. For example, cache files, residues from updates, older files from previous versions, left over from Android updates and many more. However. you may not able to delete those files manually. Because manual delete may have tendency of deleting system files. Best way is one use profession junk cleaning tools like CCleaner.

Speed your phone – You can use instant RAM cleaning feature to gain sudden performance gain. This app can find apps and tasks that run on background that are not critical. When you want more CPU procession power, CCleaner will put those unwanted background tasks to hibernate.

Boost Battery life – Reducing CPU work load will reduce amount of power drain for CPU. Reducing the number of tasks and apps run when you are not using them actively will help to use your phone for longer time without charging.

Above listed only few features. This is a light weight application with easy to use interface. Has over 4.7 ratings on play store. One of the best Android Cleaning tool you must try. Discover new apps on