First Aid for Bicycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents often occur on the highway. Many deaths must be prevented if emergency assistance is provided at the scene as soon as possible. Knowing OSH Training Malaysia or often called Training and occupational health and safety procedures can reduce the risk of getting a more severe injury and can help victims on the spot.

As a lay person, you may not know how to provide assistance to accident victims. But you can learn it. So, whenever you see an accident or someone closest to you, you are ready to provide that assistance.

The first thing to do is always prepare a first aid kit in the trunk or in the seat of your vehicle. Make sure there are bandages, bandages, disposable gloves, alcohol-free cleaning wipes, scissors, tweezers, antiseptic creams, painkillers, cough medicines, antihistamine tablets, scar tissue and clean plastic bags. After that, you must understand what is experienced by someone who has an accident.

Especially in this case are victims of motorcycle accidents, there may be a number of things, such as bleeding, burns, fractures, shock, sprains, or fainting. Here’s how to deal with it.

If the victim is bleeding

• The thing that often happens when an accident is bleeding. If you see a part of the body bleeding, especially if the bleeding is severe, try to stop the bleeding immediately so the victim does not run out of blood.

• Before handling bleeding skin, use disposable gloves, if available, to minimize transmission of infectious diseases.

• You can stop it by pressing on the injured area. Use cotton or bandages if available. Then press the wound until the bleeding stops. If the blood still penetrates the bandage, coat it again with cotton or bandage and press until the bleeding stops. Don’t open the initial bandage, just check it regularly to check if the blood has stopped flowing.

• Sometimes objects are stuck in the injured area. If you face a case like this, never try to issue or suppress it, but leave it to the medical team. As a first aid, you can press the left and right side of the tucked object, then place the gauze or clean cloth around the wound as a barrier so that the object that is stuck is not moving. After that, wrap it with a bandage.

• If there are broken limbs, such as fingers, wrap your fingers in a plastic bag or plastic wrap. After that, make sure that the severed limb is taken with the victim to the hospital.

• Always seek medical help for victims who experience bleeding, except for minor bleeding.

If the victim is on fire

  • Burns suffered by victims of motorcycle accidents, can be caused by skin in contact with hot exhaust. To deal with burns, you should immediately cool the wound with cold running water, but not ice water, for 20 minutes or until the pain disappears. If there is no cold water, you can use another cold drink. Do not apply cream, ointment, or oil to the wound. This action must be carried out immediately after the event or within 20 minutes after the event.
  • Next, you can freely wrap the burn with plastic wrap, or clean and transparent plastic for burns on the hand.
  • When the cooling process is done, you can warm the victim’s body with a jacket or anything that can prevent the victim from becoming cold or hypothermia. However, avoid areas affected by fire.
  • After doing this first aid, you can take the victim to the nearest hospital for further treatment.

Helping people is a noble act. So it doesn’t hurt to learn how to give first aid for an accident. Remember, no matter how small your help can be for those who need it.