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Fat & Aging Neck Lift Medical Procedures For a Youthful Look

A facial profile is one prominent area that everyone gives keen attention to maintain an elegant feel and appearance. However, time and eating habits often give contrary results to the desired goals. Scottsdale neck lift procedures performed by Dustin Heringer, MD, a leading specialist in cosmetic and oculofacial plastic surgery, aims at giving natural-looking results.

Known for his honesty and compassion, Dr. Heringer’s fantastic relationship with his patients has earned him significant experience in his field of profession. He offers satisfying services for each patient’s unique needs. Contact the office or get an appointment through the online feature today for amazing service and outcome in procedures for the neck, chin, and lawline areas. 

Neck Lift Questions and Answers

What is a neck lift (lower rhytidectomy)?

It is a surgical procedure addressing noticeable aging signs like a fleshy and sagging neck—the procedure targets redefining the chin and neck regions by tightening the channel to recover the jawline sharpness.

What is the importance of a neck lift?

Having fat deposits under your jawline and chin with lax muscles and excess skin can often give the appearance of a turkey wattle. A neck lift is the best option to get that natural, youthful look you desire.

Below are further benefits of a neck lift.

·       Correcting sagging jowls and double chin.

·       A neck lift is less invasive than a facelift.

·       Removing loose skin and excess deposits of fat under the chin.

·       Tightening the lax muscles of the neck that cause abnormal contours.

·       Restoring sun-damaged and wrinkled skin.

What You Should Expect During A Neck Lift Procedure

Dr. Heringer closely involves you as the patient to discuss what you desire to achieve. When you decide on a neck lift, you can opt for IV sedation or general anesthesia. Age is a concern in making your choice. For young patients, single small incisions are preferable. For older patients, incisions are done behind the ear to remove excess skin and fatty tissues. The procedure is done cautiously to avoid fluid build-up that could result in complications.

 If you opt for liposuction, the procedure will reduce the neck’s fat to reduce the double chin. Later, muscles are tightened. The hidden incision behind the ears and under the chin will be used to remove excess tissues and firm the skin. 

What is the recovery journey like?

The outcome might be immediate or take time as swelling dissipates following the surgery. You might experience mild tightness and soreness on the neck that the doctor will regulate by an oral pain prescription. There might be numbness in the incision areas for a few weeks. It is essential to keep your neck and head still for faster healing. During sleep, the head should remain elevated to prevent swelling. Within a week, you will be ready to resume regular socialization.

To achieve this natural-looking outcome, reach out to Dr. Heringer. He is an expert in rejuvenating you to that long, smooth, and youthful neckline or the powerful, masculine jawline. Contact Arizona Ocular & Facial Plastic surgery for a consultation and more information today!