Exceptional UTI Treatment Services in Midwood, New York

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Approximately 50% of women get a urinary tract infection (UTI) at some point during their lifetime. UTI refers to infections found in your bladder, urethra, or even the kidneys. The good news is that UTIs are one of the common infections that can be treated easily. The compassionate team of specialists at Dr. Gregory Shifrin, OB/GYN PC, provides exceptional treatment and diagnosis of UTI in Midwood. The treatment includes the appropriate antibiotics based on diagnosis to leave you feeling relieved. For more inquiries, contact the office or book an appointment via the online tool today!

What Exactly is UTI?

UTIs are bacterial infections that specifically affect the urinary system, usually the bladder and the urethra. Our urinary tract system has been made in a way to prevent any invasion from harmful bacteria. However, these harmful bacteria might sometimes get into the system, causing a UTI infection. The infection can spread through the entire urinary tract because of sexual intercourse, poor bladder emptying, fecal matter exposure, and diaphragm use. Normally, UTIs don’t go away by themselves and can spread to the entire system if not treated, causing more severe complications, including kidney infection, sepsis, or even permanent kidney failure. You hence require to consult a medical specialist for diagnosis and timely treatment.

What are the Symptoms of UTI?

It is recommendable that you visit a doctor when you begin experiencing bladder or UTI-related symptoms. It’s also advisable to seek expert care and attention when you experience regular infections. UTI symptoms include foul-smelling urine, inability to empty your bladder, pelvic pain or pressure, sudden, frequent, and intense urge to urinate, painful urination or a burning sensation when passing urine, and cloudy urine. In case the UTI develops and spreads to the kidneys, you may experience symptoms such as vomiting, lower back pain, nausea, and fever.

How is UTI Diagnosis Done?

When you visit a health care specialist with UTI symptoms, the doctor will start by requesting a urinary test. This involves taking your urine sample and sending it to the laboratory to examine the presence of bacteria and blood cells. In normal health, the urine does not consist of high blood cell levels or any harmful bacteria. Therefore, the presence of blood and infection indicates an infection. The doctor might also request you get a CT or an MRI scan for an accurate diagnosis. He may utilize a cystoscopy to analyze the interior of your bladder and urethra by inserting a long thin medical tube.

What Should you Expect During UTI Treatment?

When you schedule an appointment at Dr. Gregory Shifrin, OB/GYN PC, for UTI symptoms, the experienced team will suggest some antibiotics appropriate for your infection. They will also advise you on the entire UTI course even when the symptoms have gone to help you destroy the bacteria. For severe UTI cases, you might receive IV antibiotics or be required to use vaginal estrogen therapy if you are experiencing recurring UTIs or are in the post-menopausal phase. The infection should clear in several days by finishing the antibiotic dosage.

To sum up, don’t struggle any longer with severe health complications caused by urinary tract infections. If you suspect you have UTI symptoms, call or schedule an appointment online at Dr. Gregory Shifrin, OB/GYN PC, for expert evaluation and treatment in and around Midwood, New York today!