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Efficient Interventional Pain Specialists in Texas

Pain management is essential for your overall well-being. If you seek a qualified anesthesiologist in Houston, your search ends with Dr. William Yancey of Yancey Pain and Spine. Contact the experts to benefit from the best pain management strategies for your condition.

About Practice

William Yancey, MD, is the leading specialist at Yancey Pain and Spine. In two convenient locations within Texas, he leads a panel of skillful practitioners in offering superior services using the latest advancements in medicine. With the belief that pain is a complex problem, Dr. Yancey adopts a multidisciplinary approach to address all the aspects of your condition.

Dr. Yancey attained his Doctor of Medicine at the University of Southwestern Medical School in Dallas, Texas, after graduating from Tulane University in New Orleans. Dr. William completed his internship, residency, and fellowship training at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston.

Taking advantage of his undergraduate and graduate studies in biomedical engineering, Dr. Yancey has perfected a unique perspective on medicine. Compared to other providers, the doctor comprehends how the body functions and applies a meticulous style to solving problems, diagnosis, and treatment of your condition’s root cause.

Available Services

At Yancey Pain and Spine, Dr. William leads an adept team of experts in providing a wide range of top-notch services such as;

·   Spinal Cord Stimulation- Achieving the effective treatment that addresses your chronic pain can be an uphill task. Your specialist at Yancey Pain and Spine incorporates proven therapies with cutting-edge treatments to grant you long-term relief.

·   Herniated Disc Specialist- A herniated disc exposes you to various conditions, including neck pain and back pains. If left unaddressed, this condition culminates into even more severe conditions. If you are considering non-surgical options for your herniated disc, contact Yancey Pain and Spine for quality service.

·   Pinched Nerve Specialist- Do you experience pins and needles sensation when your hands and feet are at rest? Albeit temporary, this condition demands timely intervention. William Yancey is an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of this condition to give you lasting relief.

·   Chronic Pain Specialist- Chronic pain is a widespread condition in the states. At Yancey Pain and Spine, your specialist combines his biomedical engineering expertise with a superb approach to solve your problem by treating its root cause.

·   Joint Pain Specialist- Your joint pain plays a crucial role in your body’s mobility. To that end, these joints are vulnerable to injury and damage that may lead to joint pain. If you are skeptical about your pain, contact Yancey Pain and Spine to get relief and live your best life.

·   Back pain Specialist- Although back pain is a common issue, it gets tricky for individuals suffering from chronic back pain. For this condition, Dr. Yancey incorporates a variety of techniques to help you avoid surgery. Contact the offices for top-notch services from a skillful practitioner.

The goal at Yancey Pain and Spine is to help patients find lasting solutions for their problems so that they can resume their daily routine. If you encounter painful episodes in your spine and joint areas, seek the professional services available at Yancey Pain and Spine. Call, or schedule an appointment online today.