Echocardiogram: When and Why Do You Want It?

An echocardiogram is a coronary heart ultrasound image. It makes use of the identical kind of sound waves utilized by bats to search out prey at midnight. The machine bounces high-energy pulses off your coronary heart after which receives, amplifies, and data echoes that bounce again from the center muscle itself. An echocardiogram is a painless, non-invasive process.

An echocardiogram offers real-time footage of the center. It might present issues with coronary heart construction, blood circulate, and valves. A Port Saint Lucie echocardiogram specialist might suggest the process earlier than surgical procedure or different therapies which may have an effect on the center. Echocardiograms are sometimes repeated at common intervals to comply with progress or assist information therapy.

Who wants it?

You could want an echocardiogram when you have been recognized with a coronary heart situation, however the analysis is unsure, or your physician screens your coronary heart situation. You may should be examined when a coronary heart downside is suspected earlier than surgical procedure.  It helps plan the process and examine how the center and lungs reply.

Individuals with chest ache may have an echocardiogram to see how properly their coronary heart is pumping blood by means of the physique or if they’ve a leaky valve. Individuals who have had a coronary heart assault may want an echo in order that their physician can inform whether or not there was any injury to the center valves.

Causes For Getting an Echocardiogram

Individuals get an echocardiogram for a lot of totally different causes. A few of these causes are unknown or complicated, however others are easier to grasp. Individuals obtain an echo as a result of they’ve been recognized with a coronary heart situation, however the analysis is unsure, or their physician desires to watch their coronary heart situation. Another excuse is individuals who have had a coronary heart assault may want an echo in order that their physician can inform if there was any injury to the center valves. There are lots of extra explanation why somebody would obtain this check, however these causes are extra frequent.

The Process

The process begins with a nurse or technician asking you to lie in your left facet and pull up your shirt in order that the world of the center may be seen. They’ll apply gel to your pores and skin after which place a transducer over your chest wall, just like a microphone. It may be uncomfortable when the transducer is positioned in your pores and skin, however it should solely be there for a number of moments.

The technician or nurse will press a button, and the ultrasound image of your coronary heart will seem on a display. Very quickly after that, you must have the ability to rise up and go dwelling if all goes properly. It’s important to lie nonetheless throughout your complete process, because the motion of the transducer alongside your chest wall may cause issues with the photographs.

In abstract, an echocardiogram is a coronary heart ultrasound image. It helps cardiologists receive real-time photos of your coronary heart. You could want it when you have a coronary heart situation or in case your physician suspects a coronary heart downside earlier than surgical procedure. You may additionally want it after a coronary heart assault to examine for any damages to the valves. You’ll be able to go dwelling proper after the process.

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