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Easy Steps to Care for a Dump Truck

Maintenance is an important part that must be done so that the dump truck that you have ever bought at can be more durable, especially for business owners who focus on construction and mining. Trucks that have good quality and performance will certainly make construction projects run better. To get reliable truck performance, maintenance is required. Of course, taking care must also be right. This doesn’t need to cost a lot of money. In fact, with proper care, the costs needed will certainly be far less than when the damage occurred.

In the transportation business, truck maintenance has a very important role to maintain the life of the vehicle so that it can be more durable and long-lasting. However, many entrepreneurs put excessive burdens on vehicles and this can shorten vehicle life. However, each dump truck has the maximum capability, which should not be exceeded. When overloading is carried out continuously, this will potentially reduce vehicle control and increase the risk of accidents.

Some things to know to take care of a truck.

1. Warm up the engine for about five minutes before using it. This engine heating functioned so that all engine components can be evenly lubricated before being used to carry heavy loads.

2. Make it a habit to always check the fuel tank. Make sure the tank is filled with fuel to prevent running out of fuel in the middle of the road. When the truck’s engine runs out of fuel, the injection system needs pumping. If the pumping process is problematic, an inspection at an official workshop is necessary. This is why before problems arise, it is a good idea to check before use.

3. The use of engine oil also should not be careless to maintain the quality of the engine. In this case, using engine oil that is recommended by the manufacturer can be a reasonable choice. Besides, engine oil checks need to be done more frequently when trucks are used in the mine area at least once a week twice.

4. Dump trucks are more often used in construction or mining areas which are usually prone to dust which causes the filter to get dirty quickly. This is why to take care of trucks you should not forget to replace diesel filters regularly. This is important to do so that fine dirt does not enter the engine.

5. No less important maintenance for heavy vehicles such as dump trucks is hydraulic parts. The hydraulic position in the dump truck is as important as the engine so maintenance is very important to pay attention to. One of them is the iron rod section to ensure no leakage occurs. Also, be sure to keep the hydraulic iron rod away from sharp objects because they can accelerate wear on the cell rubber that triggers leakage. After use, it is always better to clean it using quality oil to maintain hydraulic performance.

6. It’s important to pay attention to vehicle load. Each vehicle has a maximum load. This should not be used beyond its maximum capacity to prevent problems. Vehicles that get a load exceeding the maximum limit will be more easily damaged and risk of accidents.

Although it has stronger strength compared to small car vehicles, maintenance is certainly very important to note. Some maintenance to keep the dump truck more durable and long-lasting is not difficult to do, the most important thing is to do it routinely.