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Customized and Extensive Migraine Treatments in Virginia

Most neurological disorders are fatal, with several of them being the leading cause of disability. Besides, these diseases are difficult to manage and take care of. However, there are effective treatments to treat the conditions and restore your health. Integrated Neurology Services offer migraine specialist in Alexandria who provides comprehensive diagnoses and treatments of various neurology and sleep disorders to restore health and improve life quality. 

Migraines are among the most common neurological diseases affecting many individuals today. The highly skilled neurology team at Integrated Neurology Services provides personalized care to relieve your pain and promote your wellbeing. Call or book online today to schedule your consultation.

Led by board-certified neurologists, the Integrated Neurology Services offers top-notch and convenient care to patients of all ages in Falls Church, Lorton, Alexandria, and Reston, Virginia. The high expertise team aims to provide a one-stop-shop by providing various services that meet all patients’ health concerns. They use the latest in advanced technology to provide the highest quality and most effective care with exceptional results. Visit them today for care beyond your expectations.

What is a migraine?

A migraine is a primary headache characterized by severe pains and may occur with vomiting, feelings of nausea, or heightened sensitivity to light and sound. The symptoms are disruptive and can last up to three days.

What are the common symptoms of migraines?

Migraines are different from tension headaches. Unlike a tension headache that causes pain on both sides of the head, a migraine is more serious and affects one side of the head. The common symptoms of a migraine include:

·       Pain that worsens with activity

·       Nausea or vomiting

·       Pulsating or throbbing head pain

·       Extreme sensitivity to light and sound

A migraine may occur in different stages, including prodrome, aura, attack, and post-drome. You may experience different symptoms in every phase, such as mood changes, uncontrollable jerking movements, and visual disturbances.

What are the causes of migraines?

There is no definite cause of migraines. However, genetics may be a risk factor for migraines. Migraines may arise from various triggers such as:

·       Low blood sugar

·       Sleep changes

·       Hormonal changes in women

·       Changes in weather

·       Certain medications, like hormonal contraceptives

·       Stress

·       Certain drinks, like alcohol

·       Certain foods, including food additives

·       Sensory stimuli, like bright lights and loud sounds

Migraine triggers are different in every individual. Avoiding your triggers may prevent migraine attacks.

What is the diagnosis of migraines?

Your provider reviews your symptoms and medical history during your consultation and carries out a physical and neurological exam. He may also take tests like an MRI to help rule out other conditions causing your head pain.

What are the treatments for migraines?

Migraines treatment occurs in two forms, prevention and rescue medications. Rescue medications relieve pain when taken at the first sign of a migraine. Preventative medication is efficient if you experience frequent migraines.

Where medication does not work, your provider may recommend a more advanced migraine therapy, such as:

·       Botox injections

·       Nerve blocks

·       Calcitonin gene-related peptide inhibitor injections

In conclusion, the highly experienced neurologists at Integrated Neurology Services offer comprehensive and effective diagnosis and treatments for migraines, to relieve pain and improve health. Visit them today for more improved care and healthy living.