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Culinary Business Promises for Those of You Who Like to Eat and Make Food

The food business is indeed a promising business and it never subsides from time to time. Whether it’s snacks or unique foods that characterize a region.

Don’t think the food business is only for those who are good at cooking. For those of you who are foodies who also want to be involved in this sector, here are some food business options to consider. and make sure you know how to market your product before starting a business. LCS2 (Lead Conversion Squared) is software designed for entrepreneurs who run online businesses and want to expand their digital marketing footprint, interested in trying it? please visit the official website here lcs2 review

Snacks and bakery

First, of course we will offer a snack or snack business, as well as a bakery for your choice of business.

This type of culinary business can be done at home. As long as you have cake making equipment, you can start this business.

In addition, you can choose whether you want to make these snacks in bulk, then distribute them to shops, or just make to order. Thus, you can run this business according to your capital capacity.

If you plan to make snacks on a large scale, choose a type of snack that is durable. Such as basreng, chips, spicy macaroni, biscuits, pastries, and crackers.

Meanwhile, if you want to make wet cakes, then you should make small amounts first. This is because the storage period is shorter, 3 days to one week. Wet cakes that you can make without waiting for an order, for example, bread, sponge cake, or sponge cake.

Cooking can also be a place for your creativity. If the food being marketed is unique enough, who knows that your homemade snacks will be one of the hits in Indonesia.


If you are an expert at making home cooking, then a catering business can be an option. Catering services aren’t just for parties or big events. But also, for the daily needs of many people.

You can offer catering services through social media, or make flyers to distribute to boarding houses, offices, and campuses. Usually those who live in boarding houses or dormitories only have one shared kitchen. Therefore, the presence of catering can make it easier for them to get their daily food.

In a flyer or promotion that you do, a complete list of menus for the week and the price must be stated. Also, if you do not have the energy to deliver food far away, you should also mention the areas that can be served.

Make sure the number of customers served is in accordance with the capital owned. Later, when it has grown, you can increase the number of consumers by expanding the range of services.

Cooking vlog

If you frequently visit YouTube, then you can find various content about food. Including, cooking videos, be it tutorials, or vlogs showing the activities of workers in cafes and restaurants.

Nowadays, many people are enjoying these cooking videos, not only to learn, but also to get the calming effect. That is why there are more and more vlogs or cooking videos appearing without music or narration. This type of video is called an ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) video. So, the sound of cooking can be heard clearly. One of the channels that uses this concept is Abu Tosca. Watchers of the video can learn to cook, as well as feel the calming effect.

If you like creativity related to food, you can start a cake decorating video or tiny food. These videos are loved for their artistic side. However, the preparation was more difficult. You must have a concept for the creative process, to good recording techniques. The ability to record determines whether the resulting video will be in accordance with the concept created or not.

So actually, there are various types of food-related vlogs that you can choose according to your interests and talents.

Of course as your video grows, you can earn money from advertising or sponsorship. Check out how to grow your vlog so that it can be a source of income.

Mukbang show

Besides cooking, a vlog or video that is also interesting is the mukbang show. In the mukbang video, you just have to eat the food that has been prepared beforehand. The most important point in a video like this one is how you can make the food you eat look delicious.

You can do a mukbang show as well as introduce unique types of food in your area, or make your own. One thing to remember, making mukbang videos doesn’t mean you have to compliment every food you eat. Delivering and describing food honestly will be more interesting, and will make people trust you more.

You can also make ASMR videos with the mukbang concept. It’s just that you need a good mic or audio equipment. If you don’t want to be in front of the camera then you can create a mukbang concept for coaches pliers. One channel that does this concept is Animal ASMR.

Well, if you like to eat, then the mukbang show can be a great food business choice.


Food distributors

You can’t cook, but have a big interest in the culinary world? You can become a food distributor. Not only processed food, raw food ingredients can also be an opportunity.

One example, you can take ready-made food from the manufacturer, then help with sales by marketing food products. Then you can take the food from the manufacturer according to the order to be sent to consumers.

As another example, you distribute food from farmers to consumers. This concept is also used by Sayurbox and Tanihub. Well, not only farmers, you can help vegetable or rice shops around you to distribute their food products.

For example, suppose you help distribute rice from a rice shop near your house. Another example, distributing eggs from small chicken breeders who live in your neighborhood.

You can use social media or flyers to market your services. In addition, text messages via WhatsApp can also be used to market your merchandise.

You can consider the five food business options above according to your interests, and of course your cooking skills. If you are not confident in your cooking skills, then choose a food business that does not require you to cook. For example, by becoming their business partner who is good at cooking or as a distributor.

However, if you have good cooking skills plus creativity, then becoming a food producer is the right choice.