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Create An Ideal Fountain Pond For Your Outdoor Living Area


A fountain is a great addition to your backyard pond. This will enhance the beauty and offer a feeling of relaxation with its trickling water. Fountains come in many different styles and designs to fit any space and preferences. When looking to installing one in your outdoor space, check all options to ensure you pick the right one for your space. This will ensure that you achieve the right look that you are going after.

When selecting a fountain

A floating pond fountain makes a lovely display while spraying water up beyond the surface before falling back into the pond. There are many fountain types available on the market with options for different fountain heads. This makes it easy to choose one that matches your ideal fountain display. Also a filter for a fountain pump is a handy accessory for a fountain. A filter is covered with a plastic mesh cage with tiny holes. This keeps unwanted particles from entering the pump and fountain head and clogging it. If this happens, you must get the pump out and clean it out after opening the cage and then reinstall.
The fountainhead after installed is poking out of the water surface from the top of the float. A deep pond requires raising the pump on a higher base of attaching to a float. There is potential for wind to blow the fountain spray causing over spray into the garden emptying the pond. Choosing a fountain with a low wide spray will reduce this issue. Installing a fountain produces oxygenation in water for fish, and especially in hot weather and also reduces algae build-up.

What are options for outdoor water features

Floating pond fountain

This is a beautiful and enjoyable type of outdoor fountain. Pond fountains are available in various sizes and voltage. You will always appreciate this pond fountain for its beauty and use it to keep your fish happy. These fountains create tranquil and calming sounds for their constant flow and splashing water. This fountain fits any pond on a property but needs regular maintenance especially when keeping fish in your pond.
You have to buy pond fountain pump and install an aerating fountain on your pond is part of regular maintenance. This allows water to flow continuously from upper water to bottom. Additionally, this aeration keeps mosquitoes and algae away from your pond. Appropriate aeration allows an adequate oxygen levels in the pond and allows your fish to thrive.

Sculptured statuary fountain

A sculptured fountain usually is like a statue with a basin. It can be a fish, pineapple or an angel shooting water into the air or allowing it to fall into the fountain basin. The sculptured fountain can be designed to resemble anything including a modern art style. This fountain is ideal for any backyard or courtyard and doesn’t take up much room compared to other fountains. Keep bushes and flowers nearby to avoid blocking the sculpture part of the fountain.
Sculptured statuary fountains are ideal in backyards without other decorations to become the vocal point in your outdoor space. It is important to keep in mind how this fountain coordinates with your overall landscape design. This allows choosing one that fits well without looking out of place and to make a great vocal point in your outdoor landscape.

Cascading tiered fountain

Known as a tiered fountain spray or cascading fountain, has water flowing from top tier down to the lower tiers. It features a larger long tier at the top with other smaller and shorter ones underneath it like a cascade. Water flows from the top of the fountain to the lower layers and then recycles. Keep in mind that the constant flow of water might cause a significant hike in the energy and water bills so good idea to use an energy efficient pump. Although a cascading fountain offers a beautiful and natural look to an outdoor landscape.

Pondless Waterfall

A pondless waterfall has a pump sitting down in a basin, attaching to a hose leading towards the top. Water flows back into the pondless basin. The pump should have a plastic mesh cage with holes outside to trap big lumps of dirt and debris. This dirt goes through and is sent back with water down the waterfall to protect the pump from blocking. You can add a filter between the pump and waterfall to catch all dirt that collects in the pump.
A waterfall needs a pump positioned at the pond bottom away from the return point of the water feature. This allows optimal pond water turnover while the waterfall enhances movement and oxygen in the pond. This allows fish to thrive and to lessen algae infestation. Running a waterfall is quite noisy especially as waterfalls back hitting the rocks into the water for a series of shortfalls. An expert can help you avoid this noise and a hefty bill from running the waterfall.

What is the bottom line?

Any type of fountain is a great investment in your outdoors and lifestyle. These come in various designs, shapes, sizes and styles to make it easy for you to select one for your landscape. A fountain creates a wonderful vocal point in your outdoor area and a relaxing atmosphere to unwind after a hard day. Maintaining a pond requires a
high quality pond fountain pump and regular maintenance to ensure it runs efficiently throughout the year.