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Controlling Pests and Diseases

Pests and diseases of plants can disturb The attack on plants can come suddenly and can be explosive (widespread), so that in a relatively short time can often kill the entire plant.

Plant pests and diseases need to be known to give the right treatment. Especially in the cultivation of various plants, sometimes pests and diseases become things that are not visible to the naked eye.

As a result of pest attacks, crop productivity is decreased, both in quality and quantity. Therefore, its presence needs to be controlled, Swat Pest Control Brisbane is a service company that can eradicate pests. You can visit his website at They are ready to help you and solve pest problems in plants.

Plant pests and diseases to this day are very detrimental to many parties. Therefore, there are many methods for dealing with pests and plant diseases that can be applied. Here’s how to deal with pests and plant diseases:

Mechanical Control

Controlling plant pests and diseases mechanically is a real action to reduce these pests and diseases. This method can be said as a traditional method because it does not use chemicals such as insecticides, but with tools such as sickles, plant scissors and so forth. This method requires a long time, the results were not optimal because of the development of pests and diseases in plants still can spread.

Biological Control

Biologically controlling pests and plant diseases is controlling pests by using predators to prey on these pests. However, this biological control can be said to be less than optimal, it is because predatory animals are sometimes difficult to find.

Chemical Control

Controlling plant pests and diseases chemically is the last resort if the previous method does not produce maximum results. How to control pests and diseases with chemicals is to use pesticides such as insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides. This control is fairly easy and the results are maximum, but it harms the surrounding environment, one of which is causing air pollution