Common Causes of Adult Acne

While acne is prevalent in puberty, it can also affect adults. While acne is not a severe health threat, it can affect the emotional and social aspects of your life. Acne can affect your self-confidence and your productivity at work. Acne treatment Cordova TN can entail understanding the cause of acne in adults. Here are some of the possible causes of acne in adults.

Hormonal Fluctuations

Fluctuations in hormones can be a leading cause of adult acne. The variations can sometimes happen before your menstrual cycle when progesterone production is high. Your hormones naturally vary at specific points in your life. Some of the times when hormonal-related adult acne may occur are during or after pregnancy, when you use or stop using hormonal birth control or during menopause and premenopause.

Some Medications

Some medications can cause acne as a side effect or accelerate it. Dermatologists can help to determine whether or not the medications are contributing to skin breakouts. Some common factors may include birth control, steroid inhalers and testosterone.

Stress Levels

There is often a relationship between stress and adult acne. The levels of hormones that cause acne, known as androgens, often increase when you are under pressure. That stimulates hair follicles and oil glands to cause acne. You can prevent acne resulting from stress levels by managing stress.

Health Conditions

Acne could be caused by a medical condition that has not yet been diagnosed. For instance, in women, the polycystic ovarian syndrome often causes chronic acne. It would be wise to talk to a dermatologist to examine you and take your history to identify the underlying cause. Dermatologists can also offer acne treatment options after diagnosis.

Acne is a medical condition. That’s why you shouldn’t shy away from seeking medical attention to boost your self-esteem. It’s advisable to seek help from a skincare expert or a certified dermatologist for effective acne treatment.