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Check Out Jacksonville, FL Dentistry: Stress-Related Teeth Issues

You probably know that stress can lead to numerous consequences, including stomachaches, headaches, and even chronic problems after a while.

However, most of us do not know that stress can also affect our oral health and gums and teeth.

According to dentists, after COVID-19 lockdowns, the increase of stress-related issues was significant.

That is why you must know the most common dental problems that can happen due to excessive stress levels.

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1. Bruxism (Teeth Grinding)

It is important to know that this particular condition is common among both adults and children. Based on various studies, there are at least 10% of adults grind teeth during sleep, while one-third of them do it during the daytime.

Simultaneously, this particular problem can lead to wearing down your teeth over time, which may lead to sensitivity conditions. Besides, it can lead to other issues such as earaches, headaches, and jaw stiffness, among other things.

In case you have noticed this particular problem, you should visit a dentist as early as possible.

2. Tooth Fractures

Another common problem that can happen due to excessive stress includes wear and tear due to everyday use. Generally, all teeth feature small cracks and fissures because we use them daily.

Even though small cracks are not problematic, you should know that we tend to unconsciously grind our teeth during excessive stress and clench our jaws, especially during sleep. A significant amount of pressure can lead to wear and tear fractures and breakages.

Teeth should not touch themselves while you are sleeping, which means that if your partner notices this particular problem, you should call a dentist to make you a customized nightguard or retainer.

3. Sensitivity

Clenching your jaw and grinding your teeth can wear and tear protective outer coating or enamel, leading to severe future problems. Generally, tooth enamel is the thickest tissue we have in our bodies, but you can wear it over time since it is thin.

This will cause sensitivity to sour, sweet, or cold foods, among other things. Another important consideration is that you will not be able to regenerate enamel, which means that sensitivity will increase as time goes by.

Therefore, you should see a dentist who can help you strengthen your enamel and prevent potential issues that may happen.

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4. Mouth Pain

Mouth, gum, or tooth pain are one of the strongest ones, which can affect other parts of your body as well. The more you experience pain, the more you will stress it and enter a vicious circle.

According to different reports, people with high-stress levels have experienced more significant pain than people without excessive stress. Pain can start due to numerous reasons, and some of them can be obvious, while others can happen due to a particular trigger.

Instead of living with pain, which will affect your overall life and enjoyment, it is vital to find ways to evaluate your potential problems and overall health.

5. TMD (the Temporomandibual Disorder)

It is vital to understand that TMJ or temporomandibular joint is the one that connects your skull with your jawbone. We are talking about the joint responsible for closing and opening your mouth and moving your jaw from one side to another.

If you have issues that affect this particular joint due to dysfunction or pain, it is known as TMD. Symptoms include difficulty while moving or opening your jaw, pain, headache, muscle fatigue, and clicking sounds while moving it.

The most common reasons why we experience this particular problem is due to psychosomatic reasons. Stress tends to increase its symptoms, which is why you should find ways to relax and enjoy.

Of course, other lifestyle habits can also lead to this particular problem, including chewing gum, which we do to release stress.

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6. Gum Disease

It is vital to remember that the main reason for gum disease is lousy hygiene, but excessive stress can also speed up the process in some situations. Keep in mind that people under stress are less likely to conduct regular oral hygiene.

At the same time, they tend to consume sugary foods and smoke, which are problematic habits that can lead to developing gum conditions.