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Have You Ever Thought of Your Daily Activities That Cause Your Back Pain?

At one point, you must have experienced back pain as you perform your daily routines. More of this feeling results from lifting objects that are heavy or involving yourself in things that cause back pain in nature. This pain may disappear after a while but if it persists, specialists at Genesis Regenerative Sports and Aesthetic Medicine can choose the best treatment for back pain in Westfield for your healing. Back pain results from arthritis, fibromyalgia, and your daily habits. Here are the obvious day-to-day things that you do without realizing their implications on your back.

Your Diet

What you eat and drink can contribute to your back pain. You should avoid or eat in moderation every kind of food that leads to your body’s inflammation. These include foods such as red meat, pasta, caffeine, alcohol, sugary beverages, and white bread. Instead, have a better diet, focus on chicken and fish … Read More...

What You Should Know About Conditions that Affect the Legs

The human body has many different body parts. Each part performs its unique functions. The legs are the most used body part as it is evident, no activity can be done without the legs’ help. For this reason, the legs have become more exposed to severe conditions that may hinder proper body functioning. Doctors and physicians have unique ways of handling these conditions. Atur Kasha DO is a specialist for all leg-related conditions. Make a point of visiting him before the condition gets worse. Here are some of the leg-related conditions and how they are treated.

What Are Varicose Veins?

Generally, varicose veins are located in the legs when they get enlarged. The veins are usually not visible since their symptoms are experienced without showing visible veins. Varicose veins are characterized by the following signs and symptoms such as:

·   A severe aching leg pain making it difficult to … Read More...

Customized and Extensive Migraine Treatments in Virginia

Most neurological disorders are fatal, with several of them being the leading cause of disability. Besides, these diseases are difficult to manage and take care of. However, there are effective treatments to treat the conditions and restore your health. Integrated Neurology Services offer migraine specialist in Alexandria who provides comprehensive diagnoses and treatments of various neurology and sleep disorders to restore health and improve life quality. 

Migraines are among the most common neurological diseases affecting many individuals today. The highly skilled neurology team at Integrated Neurology Services provides personalized care to relieve your pain and promote your wellbeing. Call or book online today to schedule your consultation.

Led by board-certified neurologists, the Integrated Neurology Services offers top-notch and convenient care to patients of all ages in Falls Church, Lorton, Alexandria, and Reston, Virginia. The high expertise team aims to provide a one-stop-shop by providing various services that meet all patients’ … Read More...

What You Should Know About Preimplantation Genetic Testing

Every woman’s dream of getting pregnant, carrying the baby for nine months, and giving birth to a healthy baby can become a reality. However, some women have a problem carrying a pregnancy which, in the worst case, ends up being a miscarriage. This is very sad as every woman desires to carry their pregnancy up to giving birth. Miscarriage has led to broken marriages and homes since very little information is known concerning it. For this reason, doctors and other medical experts have developed new techniques for handling miscarriages. Newport Beach preimplantation genetic testing offers more information regarding miscarriage treatment. Please book an appointment to learn more.

What is preimplantation genetic testing?

This is a testing service that helps women reduce the chances of miscarriages. It is an elective service to all in vitro fertilization patients. This testing service is most effective for women under 35 years who have unexplained … Read More...

Best Dental Health Implant Treatment in Sunnyvale

Not everyone can commonly laugh freely, exposing their smile widely without hiding the teeth behind their palms or avoiding social situations. You might be doing that for various justifiable reasons. It could be you lost one or more of your teeth, and that wiped off your smile’s confidence. Jochen Pechak, DDS, MDS, a well-experienced specialist, provides professional placement of dental implants in Sunnyvale at Perio & Implant Center of Monterey Bay – Silicon Valley. Dr. Jochen works collaboratively with his team of qualified technicians who, together with the featured technologies, effectively shine the state-of-the-art implant to restore the confidence in your smile.

To reach out for our services, schedule an appointment or call the office in Sunnyvale today.

Dental Implants

What Is A Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a surgical fixture for replacing a missing tooth or teeth to the jawbone, thus mimicking the natural teeth’ shape, stability, and … Read More...