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Why Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) Treatment Could Save Your Life

PAD is a common disease of the circulatory system and can lead to pain and discomfort in your muscles. When arteries block, they deny your body nutrients and oxygen necessary for healthy living. Kirk Minkus, MD is a Mesa, AZ interventional radiologist who conducts minimally invasive procedures to correct the anomaly.

What is interventional radiology?

Interventional radiology or IR is a branch in radiology that allows a specialist to use less invasive diagnostic and therapeutic procedures on patients. The major benefit of this practice is that it allows for early discharge and rehabilitation of patients. Thanks to technological advancements, interventional radiology is now offering several treatment options to many patients and doctors.

With this approach, your doctor scans your body using imaging tests such as MRIs, Ultrasounds, and CT scans. Then they treat the area with no surgery. However, there may be some procedures that may require minor incisions. The … Read More...

Understanding breast reconstruction after breast surgery

Breast cancer in women can lead to breast surgery as part of their treatment. One can choose breast reconstruction surgery to rebuild the shape and look of the breast. There are different types of breast reconstruction surgeries to consider. Suppose you have made up your mind on the surgery, it is prudent to settle for the best East Windsor, NJ breast reconstructive surgeon. This is where Dr. Matthew J. Lynch comes in handy as he will provide comprehensive reconstruction services to rebuild your breast and restore your self-confidence. Learn more about options for breast reconstruction by calling to scheduling an appointment or using their online platforms.

How is breast reconstruction defined?

Breast reconstruction is a surgery that aims at rebuilding your breast.  The procedure most often follows the removal of part (partial mastectomy) or all of your breast (mastectomy) for a medical reason like suffering from breast cancer.… Read More...

Board-Certified Treatment for Sun Damage in Fort Worth, Texas

As the youth years fade away, you may develop wrinkles and facials that make you appear older and more serious than usual. Besides age, your skin is also exposed to constant threats like harmful UV rays that improve your risk of developing skin cancer and related conditions. NorthStar Dermatology offers quality treatment for sun damage in Fort Worth, Texas.

Effects of Sun on Your Skin

Exposure to sunlight helps your skin produce Vitamin D. Sadly, exposure to excess UV rays may bring you closer to skin complications. The sun produces resilient energy that travels in the form of visible and invisible rays and waves that improve looming threats against your skin.

Long waves resembling waves generated are less harmful to your skin, whereas short waves like UVB and UVA rays may cause massive damage to your skin. Your doctor uses a personalized approach to your symptoms and skin requirements … Read More...

Common Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is not getting an erection, or having it but not being able to keep it long enough for sex. It’s normal for men to experience it from time to time. There are products that you can take like the ones offered at The Male Libido that can help keep an erection. Other pills they offer also promise to increase semen volume and make the penis longer, which can improve your sex experience. However, if it keeps on happening, it could be caused by various factors. It may also be a sign of underlying health problems. We listed some of the common causes of erectile dysfunction, so you know how to avoid or treat them.

Emotional or psychological concerns

The sexual arousal of men involves a complex process, and it includes the emotions and brain. Men need to feel sexual excitement for them to be aroused. However, emotional and … Read More...

A Guide to Vaginal Steaming With Herbs

Herbs improve the effectiveness of steaming. The uterus can be cleansed and toned simply by steaming. When you add unique herbs to the mix, your steaming session becomes more focused on curing the problems you’re dealing with.

Steaming the uterus with clear water, for example, helps the uterus circulate and remove the existing residue. On the other hand, steaming by itself may be too stimulating for a woman vulnerable to short periods, spontaneous bleeding, or regular spotting and may result in an early age. However, by adding particular herbs to the steam, it can lengthen her period and improve her uterus, reducing spots

Is it possible to use some herb?

Herbs have unique properties that make them beneficial to one’s wellbeing. Some herbs have a drying effect, while others have a moisturizing effect. Some herbs can help you shorten your cycle, while others can help you lengthen it.

Since different …