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Buying Synthetic Urine for A Weed Urinalysis: Finding the Right Kit

A lot of people think that taking illegal drugs does not lead to the loss of a job, but fail to understand the consequences of failing these kinds of drug screening methods. But you can still enjoy cannabis while at the same time pass these screening tests with flying colors.

One sure trick of passing the screening is by using a fake pee kit. The bad news is, buying the best and the most effective product is easier said than done because the market is filled with fraudulent sellers trying to sell you counterfeit products. In this article, we will take a closer look at sometimes on how to choose the best synthetic pee kit available in the market today.

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Choose a right and reputable product

The first thing you need to do to make sure that you pass the urine screening is to find the perfect kit from trusted products, which you can usually order from the Internet. The market is flooded with fraudulent and counterfeit urine kits; some of them are reputable brands that are being faked.

You need to keep a closer look at these products when you are shopping around because your career will depend on it. Only settle for the best synthetic pee that is specially designed to pass the urine drug screening. You could even end up spending an extra dollar more than you initially budgeted.

Shelf life

It is prevalent nowadays for every company to ask for a drug screening, whether blood, hair follicle or urine, without giving their employees enough time to prepare. For you to stay on the safer side, you need to make sure that you have an extra kit in your house.

To avoid last-minute disappointments, make sure that you buy a fake pee kit with a longer shelf-life than the usual. Always check its expiry date to ensure that you get the best package possible. Not only that, always make sure that it is replaced regularly with another fresh container.

Basic ingredients

The kind of essential ingredients, making up a synthetic pee is also another crucial point you need to consider. For example, the product you purchase should contain components like uric acid since it is usually found in real human pee, and it is the first thing that laboratory or clinics will check during a drug screening.

All in all, the kits that you buy should specify the available components on the label. It will help you at least minimize your level of panic in case you are not sure whether you will pass the analysis or not.

Check temperature, specific gravity and the pH levels

You need to keep in mind that the temperature of your sample can change the synthetic pee. Because of this reason, you need to check how the product that you bought will behave when a sample is exposed to a specific temperature limit.

It is very common with the cold fake pee, which can be very problematic when changing the temperature to its usual 32 to 38 degrees. If you are not sure about temperature changes, you need to go for the best option, which is a warm sample.

The specific gravity, as well as the pH values, is also a significant factor you need to consider when buying a fake pee kit. To ensure that you will get a non-suspicious result, the gravity values, as well as the pH level, need to have a specific range.

Quality of the kit

If you do not want to get a failed result, going for a reputable and high-quality fake urine kit is the only way to go. But you should be prepared to spend an extra amount to get the best quality possible, but the assurance that you will get from paying extra will soften the blow. Not only that, always choose the unisex kit instead of a sex-based product. Studies suggest that these kinds of urine kits are more trustworthy and reliable. All of these precautions are for your own good.

Using a fake pee product

One of the challenges that most people face when using these products and pass as real urine is how to pass the screening with flying colors. It will depend on the people who use them, whether they can swap the actual sample with the synthetic one. Some laboratories or clinics are very strict when it comes to these types of screening and may require supervision when getting the sample, and some don’t need guidance.

For unsupervised tests, it is very easy to swap samples. But for the supervised one, you can use a urine bag or belt to sneak in the synthetic sample. You need to be careful when you are swapping the samples, and make sure that it will not spill over.


When taking these urine screenings, you need to be aware of all your rights according to the constitution. Do not at all cost expose yourself with proper privacy. You have all the rights to demand privacy and put the sample in the cup or the test tube that the testers will provide. You also have the right to refuse if the privacy clause is not met. Only the government has the right to inspect the subject’s body parts while they are subjected to some screenings.

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But for private companies, they do not have the right to expose your nude body without the right privacy. With this information, women who want to use fake pee can hide the kit in their thigh or breast while men can hide them in their crotch area.


You should always make sure that you are prepared to undergo this kind of screening in case your company ask you to subject yourself to one. Passing it might be your way to get your dream job or promotion. To avoid panicking about the outcome, you can always read this guide in choosing the right synthetic urine kit that suits your needs.