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Board-Certified Treatment for Sun Damage in Fort Worth, Texas

As the youth years fade away, you may develop wrinkles and facials that make you appear older and more serious than usual. Besides age, your skin is also exposed to constant threats like harmful UV rays that improve your risk of developing skin cancer and related conditions. NorthStar Dermatology offers quality treatment for sun damage in Fort Worth, Texas.

Effects of Sun on Your Skin

Exposure to sunlight helps your skin produce Vitamin D. Sadly, exposure to excess UV rays may bring you closer to skin complications. The sun produces resilient energy that travels in the form of visible and invisible rays and waves that improve looming threats against your skin.

Long waves resembling waves generated are less harmful to your skin, whereas short waves like UVB and UVA rays may cause massive damage to your skin. Your doctor uses a personalized approach to your symptoms and skin requirements to determine a practical approach.

Common Sun Damage Conditions

Continued exposure to harmful sun rays improves your vulnerability to conditions like:

§  Sunspots. A sunspot may develop after long-term exposure to UV rays, sun, and tanning beds. Your sunspots may appear as a result of changes in your melanin composition and arrangement due to constant exposure to harmful sun rays.

§  Wrinkles. As you age, crow’s feet, fine lines, and wrinkles get more visible and conspicuous. Long-term exposure to strong sun rays may affect your skin’s structure and composition to hasten the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

§  Skin cancer. Continued exposure to harmful UV rays makes you more vulnerable to skin cancer. Skin cancer also improves your vulnerability to other forms of dangerous forms of cancer, threatening your general life and well-being.

§  Freckles. Fair-skinned individuals are more prone to freckles. After constant exposure to sun rays, your sin may develop tiny brown dots. Sunspots and freckles may also develop as a result of melanin overgrowth.

Treatment for Sun Damage

Your ophthalmologist considers your signs and symptoms to draft the best treatment plan for the best experience and results. Your specialists at NorthStar Dermatology use an individualized approach to rejuvenate your skin by targeting sin damage and your medical history.

In the case of sunspots, your dermatology expert may manage your condition through:

§  Dermabrasion

§  Chemical peels

§  Laser treatment

§  Cryotherapy

§  Medications

If you have freckles, your dermatologist may recommend sunscreen with an SPF of fifty to limit freckles’ development. Freckles may affect your appearance, but NorthStar Dermatology experts may use laser therapy to uphold your general appearance and skin integrity.

Your dermatologist may also use surgical excision to address skin cancer. You may also qualify for additional treatments like radiation or chemotherapy. Specialists at NorthStar Dermatology choose a suitable treatment plan based on your treatment plan.

Other Services Offered at NorthStar Dermatology

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If you need specialized treatment for sun damage and other conditions highlighted above, contact NorthStar Dermatology for a personalized experience and long-term benefits.